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Disney+ removes Marvel Studios episode after spoiler complaints

Disney+ removes Marvel Studios episode after spoiler complaints

Marvel Studios has taken action to remove a spoilery episode from Disney+ ahead of time The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.

Disney+ has recently sparked controversy among fans after accidentally revealing a major spoiler The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special just two days before its release on Friday 25 November.

As has been the tradition for the MCU’s Phase 4, the introduction to the special presentation was accompanied by new episodes of Legends The Disney+ series to summarize the story of the two main heroes, Drax and Mantis.

Drax, Mantis, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 deleted scene
Marvel Studios

WARNING – The rest of this article contains spoilers for The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.

Unfortunately, the final moments of the “Mantis” episode included a deleted scene from Volume 2 which revealed Pom Klementieff’s Guardian to be the secret sister of Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill, indicating that it will be relevant to Holiday offer:

Drax: “Why don’t you want me to tell him?”
Mantis: (shrugs)
Drax: “He should know you’re his sister.”
Mantis: “Our only connection is the source of his greatest shame. I do not think.”

Disney+ Removes Spoilery Episode Ahead of Guardians Special

Less than one day after the premiere on Disney+, the Mantis and Drax episodes of Marvel Studios Legends recap series was removed from the service after apparently spoiling a reveal from The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.

Marvel Studios Legends episodes removed

These episodes hit the service on Wednesday, November 23, just two days before the special presentation is released on Friday, November 25. November. However, they were only up for about 15 hours after fans started complaining about the potential spoiler.

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@clairospizza took to Twitter to share his thoughts that Marvel Studios “shouldn’t have ruined this Legends:”

“they shouldn’t have ruined this in legends. they should have waited for the holiday special friday.”

@alltheangelssay added particular outrage over this “tweeting unmarked spoilers” for the pre-release special on Disney+ Friday:

“Why are people tweeting unlabeled spoilers for the holiday special bro, it’s not even out yet. Let’s be considerate.”

@htheraccoon suggested that they are “going to go” social media for the special to avoid pre-release spoilers:

“Gonna leave until I watch the holiday special because THE DAMN SPOILERS Can’t you just hold it until… Idk… IT’S STREAMING?!”

Did Marvel Studios just spoil their own Disney+ special?

Although this deleted scene was released several years ago, it was included in the final one Marvel Studios Legends listings act as a major spoiler. After all, Disney+ itself lists the series as offering one “exciting refreshment” on the final adventures of various heroes and villains ahead of their appearance in the latest MCU projects.

Which this scene never joined Volume 2, this relationship between Star-Lord and Mantis has never been considered canon, and most believe it was an idea that James Gunn toyed with before finally leaving it in the editing room. However, it now appears that he simply saved that revelation for another time which could be now.

Disney’s decision to remove these episodes so quickly only confirms how the scene was included Legends was actually an accident. These recaps will likely return to the service along with Friday’s special, perhaps with this spoilery moment now removed after infuriating many.

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Nevertheless, the damage is done and what will likely be one of those Holiday specialUnfortunately, the biggest revelations have been sent out just days before arrival. One can only wonder what Gunn will be thinking – probably something DC-related as he contemplates the future of the franchise as DC Studios’ new CEO.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special will premiere on Friday 25 November, exclusively on Disney+.

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