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Disney+ is getting more expensive this week, how to lock in for $80 a year right now

Disney+ is getting more expensive this week, how to lock in for  a year right now

Disney is implementing the first price increase for its Disney+ streaming service this week. The price increase was announced months ago, but it’s finally happening on December 8, along with the launch of a new ad-based subscription tier.

With Disney+ about to get more expensive, now is a good time to consider your money-saving options. If you plan to continue subscribing to Disney+ and you expect to do so next year, you can unlock a 12-month subscription at the current annual price of $80.

On December 8, Disney will raise the base price of Disney+ to $11/month, or $110 per year if you lock in for 12 months. The current Disney+ price is $8/month when purchased month-to-month.

Starting December 8, Disney+ will be split into two main membership choices. These will include Disney+ Basic ($8/month, with ads) and Disney+ Premium ($11/month, $110/year, no ads). There will be no annual membership available for Disney+ Basic.

Outside of these main offerings, Disney will be selling a Disney Bundle Duo Basic option ($10/month) which includes Disney+ with ads and Hulu with ads. This plan is only available to new Disney+ subscribers and new or existing Hulu subscribers. Anyone who already has Disney+ is not eligible.

Another bundle is Disney Bundle Trio Basic ($13/month), which includes Disney+ with ads, Hulu with ads, and ESPN+ with ads. It will also be Disney Bundle Trio Premium ($20/month) which comes with Disney+ without ads, Hulu without ads and ESPN+ with ads.

Finally, Disney will offer Older Disney Pack ($15/month) which comes with Disney+ without ads, Hulu with ads, and ESPN+ with ads. This package is already available, but has a price increase from $14/month to $15/month. It’s called a Legacy pack because it won’t be available for purchase or transfer until after December 7th. Anyone who already subscribes, or subscribes before 8 December, can keep their plan as normal at the new price.

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You can visit the Disney+ subscription page to learn more about all the packages available. The price increase and new ad-based subscription tier for Disney+ comes not long after Netflix debuted its own $7/month ad-based tier.

Disney+ is home to all things Disney, including animated classics and newer movies from franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and more. It also hosts National Geographic content such as the show where Chris Hemsworth revealed he is at risk for Alzheimer’s. One of Disney+’s newest releases is the Willow series, which is great.

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