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Disney+ has 30% more value than the average streaming service – deadline

Disney+ has 30% more value than the average streaming service – deadline

Disney’s focus on genre fans and programming makes Disney+ 30% more valuable than average streaming services, according to Fandom’s “State of Streaming” report.

Founded in 2004 by Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley Starling, Fandom controls a large cache of data about consumer preferences in film, television, video games and other corners of pop culture. The company says it gets more than 300 million unique visitors per month and hosts more than 250,000 “wikis,” or interactive information hubs.

The streaming study was conducted in the last week of January and measured the habits and feelings of 5,500 global Fandom users. The answers to the survey were cross-checked with Fandomits proprietary fan panel.

The report decided on three “rules” for studios and streaming providers. They must “lean into genre strengths”; “Rethink the theater experience to differentiate from emerging viewing trends at home”; and “superservice consumers off-screen.”

Not surprisingly, electricity consumers are sensitive to price. On average, they told Fandom they pay for five streaming services, with monthly costs per service of $7.46. Cost is the number one reason subscribers want to cancel a subscription, with 61% calling theirs too expensive.

Genre is the most important characteristic for 62% of respondents choosing what to sign up for, with Disney+ leading the pack in delivering genre content. Largely because of these genre offerings, Disney+ was estimated to have a 30% higher value than the average video streaming service. The top franchises and brands in terms of how they engage with fans beyond screen content are, in order, Star Wars, Disney, Harry Potter and Marvel. Such is their loyalty to the big brands that 73% of fans say their outlay would be worth it for any service that offers exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content or merchandise and collectibles.

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Interestingly, food was also cited as a differentiator, with 45% of respondents saying that bundling food delivery services would improve their streaming experience and encourage loyalty.

Theatrical is back in the mix after withdrawing during the peak period of Covid, but with some caveats. A whopping 80% of Fandom’s constituency have returned to the cinema or describe themselves as comfortable watching movies at the cinema. Still, 74% of potential ticket buyers say they’re willing to wait to watch a movie at home via streaming — as long as it’s included at no extra cost with one of their subscription services. When asked what appeals to them most about the viewing experience at home, 82% said the ability to press the pause button.

“A crowded and competitive market has driven the major streaming platforms to shift their focus from acquisition to retention,” said Fandom CEO Perkins Miller.

CMO Stephanie Fried said the company’s data “unlocks powerful insights” and “a deep and detailed understanding of fan preferences and motivations.”

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