Discord has everything AI: chatbots, automods, boards, and more

Discord has everything AI: chatbots, automods, boards, and more

AI is the future, at least on Discord.

Originally designed for gamers, the messaging app has become Gen Z’s favorite online hangout destination and is now introducing a number of AI-powered features.

In a statement(Opens in a new tab) On Thursday, Discord shared what’s coming to the platform soon: an AI chatbot, an automated AI moderator, a conversation summary, an avatar remixer, and a whiteboard. Some of these features begin today, March 9. Others will be released in the coming weeks and months.


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While artificial intelligence has jumped into the mainstream thanks to the popularity of OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot, Discord has had an active AI community for quite some time. According to the company, third-party AI apps already on the platform already have more than 30 million monthly users. Almost 3 million servers on Discord have some sort of artificial intelligence element integrated into the community.

In fact, Discord’s largest community is Midjourney, a text-to-image AI project that allows users to create artwork directly from within the server. According to Discord, Midjourney’s server has over 13 million members.

So, with AI already such an integral part of Discord, it seemed like only a matter of time before Discord started bringing AI directly to the platform.

AutoMod AI

AutoMod AI
Credit: Discord

The first feature coming to some Discord servers today is AutoMod AI. Discord already has an AutoMod function, which basically automatically moderates admins’ rooms based on the server’s rules. Discord has now integrated OpenAI-based AI into AutoMod, allowing you to search the server and contact moderators if you believe the rules may have been violated. According to Discord, the AutoMod AI can also take into account the context of the conversation, so that, for example, users are not penalized for misinterpreted posts.

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Clyde is a bot Discord users may already be familiar with, and starting next week the Clyde AI will be getting an update. Currently, the Clyde bot provides information such as server error messages and also responds to timeout or ban requests from users and mods. However, that was about all Clyde was capable of. Until now.

Clyde chatbot

Credit: Discord

Clyde will now be able to answer all kinds of questions from users, similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot. Users simply need to type “@Clyde” followed by the prompt. Clyde will be able to collect information and help find certain emojis or GIFs based on the user’s description.

Another AI feature coming to Discord next week is Conversation Summaries. Again, the name pretty much describes what it does. With users from all over the world, many Discord channels are always moving regardless of the time of day. Conversation summaries allow users to catch up on what they missed on the Discover server. The artificial intelligence-driven feature will “bind” chats into topics, so users can easily read about what they find most interesting.

Conversation summaries

Conversation summaries
Credit: Discord

Starting today, developers can start playing with Avatar Remix, an open source Discord app that integrates the art of artificial intelligence into the messaging app. Avatar Remix allows users to take another user’s avatar and modify it “using the power of generative image models.” What does that mean? In a demo shown by Discord to Mashable, a user could add a party hat or mustache to a friend’s avatar by simply mentioning their username and describing what changes they wanted to make.

The company is also launching an “AI Incubator” that will offer support to developers building AI-powered apps on Discord.

Finally, Discord has introduced a feature that is coming soon and has been requested by the Discord community for a long time: a board. But of course, it won’t just be a collaboration whiteboard feature. It will be AI-powered, allowing users to collaborate to create AI art and more.

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