Delete these malware from your Android device immediately!

Delete these malware from your Android device immediately!

A recent virus attack on Android smartphones allows hackers to remotely control the device and access all its data.

Hook, a new malware created by the same hackers who created the BlackRock and ERMAC Android banking viruses, opens new avenues for remote interaction and access to files stored on devices.

Recall that BlackRock made it possible to steal your money and passwords for all of its banking apps, while ERMAC targets cryptocurrency wallets by stealing victims’ contact information and bank IDs. Due to the fact that fraudulent apps from the Google Play Store were used to spread the infection. Hundreds of thousands of smartphones are affected.

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Hackers can control the smartphone remotely

solarmarker malware

The way hackers use this new malware makes it unique. It offers all the functions of its predecessors, on which it is built. And it’s being offered for rent for just over $5,000 a month.

However, its primary ability is to take control of victims’ assets. It also expands its capabilities with remote access capabilities, connecting to Octo and Hydra, which can perform a full device takeover (DTO) and complete the entire fraud chain, from identity exfiltration to transaction, with all the steps in between without any additional channels need. , according to Dutch cybersecurity firm ThreatFabric.

The “File manager” command turns the virus into a file manager. It allows hackers to download files of their choice and get a list of what’s stored on the device. Another command from the popular WhatsApp instant messaging program allows Hook to preserve all your chats. And it even allows hackers to send messages using the victim’s account.

Unlike other malware, this malware is available in the global market. In the US, Australia, Poland, Canada, Turkey, UK, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, Hook focuses on banking applications.

Delete these 34 dangerous malware from your mobile


The Google Play Store is the target of new malware. It appears that the official security measures of the Android and Chrome OS app stores were unable to prevent a total of 34 apps, all of which appeared to be safe, from entering their catalogs and containing some of the most dangerous Trojans in recent memory. including the now famous ‘Joker’.


The problem was discovered by the specialized security experts of SecneurX. The various virus-infected apps targeting Android have been listed one by one.

We then examine all malicious apps that have bypassed Google Play Protect safeguards and been accepted for publication on the Google Play Store based on the number of downloads. Among them are certain applications that have been infected by the infamous Joker malware. As well as other Trojans like Autolycos or Harly.

Gizchina News of the week

  • Logo Design Maker – Joker – +1000
  • Funny Emoji Keyboard – Joker – +10000
  • Animal Doodle drawing – Joker – +5000
  • Paper paint – Autolycos – +10000
  • Skill QR Scanner – Joker – +500
  • Heart rate monitor – Joker – +500
  • Fun Paint & Coloring – Harley – +10000
  • Beauty Christmas songs – Joker – +1000
  • Epica Gamebox & Hub – Harley – +10000
  • Magic Face AI – Joker – +1000
  • Love sticker – Joker – +1000
  • HD screen mirroring – Joker – +0
  • Phone to TV – Joker – +1
  • Photo Voice Translator – Joker – +1000
  • Effect Sound Changer – Joker – +0
  • Fast PDF scanner – Joker – +0
  • Simple voice change – Joker – +0
  • Fast language translator – Joker – +500
  • Perfect face swap – Joker – +5000
  • Effects Photo Editor – Joker – +1000
  • Super Emoji Editor and Sticker – Harley – +10000
  • Blue Voice Changer – Harley – +10000
  • Cool Screen Mirroring – Joker – +10000
  • Phone Cleaner Lite – Joker – +5000
  • Digital clock – Always visible – Autolycos – +100
  • Live Wallpaper – HD 3D/4D – Autolycos – +500
  • Grape Camera & Photo Editor – Harley – +5000
  • Blood glucose monitor – Joker – +100
  • Clever Clean – Battery Saver – Harley – +500
  • Album live wallpaper and theme – Harley – +1000
  • Shortcut Screen mirroring – Joker – +5000
  • Mind Message – Joker – +1000
  • Advanced Cast Screen – Joker – +500
  • Coloring painting – Joker – +1000

So, except for the latest apps to be discovered, virtually all apps have been removed from the Google Play Store at the time of this article’s publication. SecneurX you have already notified Google to begin the removal process.

You can also see how some of the apps in the campaign are masquerading as legitimate, useful apps. However, they hide harmful software that can cost you money if you sign up for premium services. Obtaining private keys and stealing sensitive data.

Due to all these factors, we advise that if any application is already available on the device, remove it immediately.

The dangers of malware

Android Malware BRATA

Malware can cause a number of threats, including:

  1. Data theft: Malware can steal sensitive information such as login credentials, credit card numbers, and personal information.
  2. System damage: Malware can damage or delete files, slow down or crash an infected device or network.
  3. Network disruption: Malware can spread to other devices on the network and cause widespread disruption.
  4. Ransomware: Malware that encrypts the victim’s files and demands payment in exchange for the decryption key.
  5. Financial loss: Malware can drain bank accounts, make unauthorized purchases, or transfer money from a victim’s account.
  6. Privacy Invasion: Malware can monitor the victim’s activities, take screenshots, record keystrokes, or use the victim’s camera and microphone.
  7. Botnets: malware that turns a device into a “zombie”. It can be used to launch Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on other websites or networks.
  8. Identity Theft: Malware can steal personal information used to steal a victim’s identity.

It is important to always be vigilant and take precautions to protect against malware. Additionally, we recommend that you keep your software up-to-date and use reputable anti-virus software. Also, don’t even get apps from the Google Play Store that you’re not sure about. Also, stay away from APK files as much as possible.

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