Cole Sprouse in ‘Call Her Daddy’: Lili Reinhart, Dating Revelations

Cole Sprouse in ‘Call Her Daddy’: Lili Reinhart, Dating Revelations

His side of the story. Cole Sprouse spoke candidly about her breakup Riverdale costar Lili ReinhartHer Disney Past and More in ‘Call Her Daddy’

THE Suite Life of Zack & Cody alum, 30, sat down with the host Alex Cooper on the podcast episode on Wednesday, March 8, to discuss his career – and personal – highs and lows. “I think if I had loved myself a little bit more, I probably would have gone [my relationship with Lili] a little earlier,” she admitted while discussing the pressures she faced with Reinhart in the public eye. “I just felt like I had to take care of a lot of people around me, which wasn’t good for me. I probably should have exercised a little more selfishness in that situation.”

In a clip released days before the full episode aired, Sprouse spoke with the twins about their upbringing Dylan Sprouse and hinted at its rocky romantic history. “[I’ve been cheated on] from almost all my girlfriends,” he confessed in a video shared on Instagram on Monday, March 6.

Elsewhere in the episode, the former child star opened up about what it was like working with Reinhart, 26, on the CW drama after their romance ended. “It was hard to suspend how we felt about each other, and it didn’t allow us the luxury of really overcoming the distance,” she explained. “I know we both caused each other quite a lot of damage.”

The actors dated for three years and called it quits in 2020. “Lili and I first separated in January of this year and decided to separate for good in March. What an incredible experience, I will always feel lucky and appreciate that I had the opportunity to fall in love with you,” Cole wrote on Instagram in August. “I wish him nothing but the greatest love and happiness moving forward. I’ll tell you all about it, whatever else you hear doesn’t matter.”

At the time, the NYU alum praised Reinhart’s talent and plugged her film Chemical hearts. “His film will also be released soon! I’m sure she’s just as incredible at this as she is at everything else she does,” he wrote. “Thanks guys ❤️.”

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THE Big daddy actor has been in contact ever since Ari Fournierbut her split from Reinhart continues to garner attention Riverdale fans. During an interview in March 2022 GQ HypeCole admitted that the “public money” surrounding their breakup was a challenge in moving on.

“Followers report Ari and me as harassment and it gets taken down immediately,” she claimed. “Even my other friends’ accounts are being removed.”

Reinhart, meanwhile, described the aftermath of her split from Cole as a “black tunnel.” [that] it will never end,” in an August 2020 interview with Refinery29. “I didn’t see the light. I felt like I was going to die. It was very rough and there is no other way through it than through it. … I had to face my own pain,” he said.

THE Hustlers actress noted that the breakup led to the “most emotional few months” of her life. “My therapist [told] to me: ‘Your body is going through withdrawal from love. You get used to the exchange of happy chemicals between you and the person you live with,” he recalled. “In the moments of my life, I threw away every ounce of pride that all it took was ‘love me.’ Please take away the pain for a day, for a second, for an hour, just so I can feel the healing again.”

Scroll down for Cole’s most eye-opening revelations about romance and more on ‘Call Her Daddy’:

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