City of Vacaville Launches Downtown Parking Availability App – The Vacaville Reporter

City of Vacaville Launches Downtown Parking Availability App – The Vacaville Reporter

The City of Vacaville is partnering with JAPA Inc. to create a smartphone app that will allow users to find parking options downtown.

Real-time parking information applies to both street and municipal parking. The mobile app shows users where to park and navigates them to an open space.

The small disks that detect the presence of the vehicle were installed by the contractors last month. The installation of the system was based on public and merchant feedback regarding parking in the city center.

The system consists of 12 public parking lots, 853 parking spaces, and street parking. The app is free to download on iOS and Android. No personal data, account creation or login is required to use the application.

“Vacaville is a vibrant community with a charming downtown that offers a unique destination for visitors, including residents, business owners, local workers and tourists,” Vacaville City Manager Aaron Busch said in a news release. “The downtown is experiencing a renaissance with the opening of new businesses and increased investments.

“The city’s priority is to support the downtown Vacaville business development district and local businesses by making it easy for residents and visitors to find free public parking as it is quickly becoming a downtown destination.”

After installing the app, select “City of Vacaville” and you can immediately start searching for open parking spaces.

The parking availability system is one of several investments the City of Vacaville has made in the Downtown Core, totaling more than $6.9 million in the past year.

To download the app on iOS, visit:

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To download the app for Android, visit the following page:

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