ChatGPT enhances the chat experience by integrating it into this $15 billion app

ChatGPT enhances the chat experience by integrating it into this  billion app

On Thursday, Discord Inc. unveiled a slew of plans to extend its artificial intelligence (AI) products to its widely used chat platform. One such initiative involves integrating the ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI into the company’s official Clyde chatbot and moderation servers similar to groups or communities.

Discord integrates ChatGPT

According to the company, millions of people currently use AI apps on Discord each month to create content from gaming tools to collaborative novels, and about ten percent of new users join the app to participate in its many AI communities. To further support the company’s AI initiatives, Discord is integrating ChatGPT into its Clyde chatbot.

The new and updated version of Clyde will be available to users for free during a public trial that will take place in the coming weeks. After a successful trial, appropriate admins can add it to Discord servers – allowing users to interact with it, respond to questions, reply to GIF-based messages, and even recommend music. As the functionality expands, Clyde can even start new threads on channels to facilitate chat between groups of friends.

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In an interview with a prominent media outlet, Anjney Midha, head of the Discord platform ecosystem, said:

Clyde has been on Discord for years, and we’ve always been interested in figuring out how to make interacting with Clyde smarter, better, and more fun.

However, countless new ChatGPT alternatives have flooded the market to compete with the industry’s most prominent AI chatbot. Even the crypto sector has a similar offering, CryptoGPT, which it claims rivals ChatGPT and Google’s Bard AI.

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Discord to encourage the growth of artificial intelligence

Discord first gained attention for its unique game-based voice chat program, but has since expanded to become a hub for all kinds of text, audio, and video interactions. It currently has 150 million members across 19 million servers, which are basically interest-based groups. It should be noted that the Midjourney Discord server, boasting 13 million users, is the largest community on the network and already specializes in automatic text-image generation using AI.

In addition, the company shared its views on creating an AI-focused incubator that will award funds to developers who want to create AI for their chat apps. Discord hopes its updated bot Clyde will gain the same popularity as Microsoft’s new Bing AI and rival Slack. Only time will tell whether he will be able to create the same sensation now.

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