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Canadians are encouraged to drop their Disney+ subscriptions immediately

Canadians are encouraged to drop their Disney+ subscriptions immediately

Our neighbors to the north enjoy Disney+ as we here in the US do, but Canadians were recently urged to cancel their Disney+ subscriptions immediately.

Chrystia Freeland is all business now |  The star

Credit: The Toronto Star

Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, compared the stress of inflation in Canada to her own family’s cancellation of the Disney+ subscriptionand leaving many Canadians fuming.

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On November 6, Freeland appeared on a political talk show called The West Block and spoke with presenter Mercedes Stephenson. The two discussed Canada’s rising inflation and the economic hardships being experienced by the Canadian public. But instead of ignoring the problem as one might expect a politician to do, Freeland made a futile attempt to relate to other Canadians by acknowledging the problem.

“I agree with your basic premise, Mercedes,” the deputy prime minister said during the exchange. “I think things are very challenging for Canadian families, and I think Canadian families are looking very carefully at all of their expenses.”

Then Freeland said, “I personally, as a mother and a wife, look closely at my credit card bill once a month, and last Sunday I told the kids, ‘You’re older now, you don’t watch Disney anymore, let’s cut it Disney Plus subscription.’ So we cut it. It’s only $13.99 a month we’re saving, but every little bit helps.”

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Freeland went on to say, “And I think every mother in Canada is doing that right now, and I want to say to all those mothers, I think that I have to take exactly the same approach with the federal government’s finances because it’s the money of Canadians.”

But many who live in the Great White North were not amused, and they certainly did not feel validated, as Freeland’s speech came across as unreliablewhich makes many see it as disrespectful to Canadians living with “the realities of the country’s current economic situation”.

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“So to recap today, the finance minister is targeting $13.99,” responded Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola MP Dan Albas. This is coming from the same Liberal government that feels entitled to spend $6,000 a night on a luxury hotel room when it’s your money. It’s simply amazing how all over the financial map these liberals have become.”

“Trudeau’s deficit causing inflation drove up prices and robbed your paycheck of its value,” said Regina-Qu’Appelle MP Andrew Scheer. “[And this is] the Finance Minister’s message to people who visit food banks and default on their mortgages?”

Another MP responded, saying, “Canadians are out of money and the Liberals are out of touch.”

The backlash continued after Freeland’s televised comments, leading the deputy prime minister to finally apologize two days later for her comments and insensitivity to her fellow Canadians.

“I want to start by acknowledging that I am a very privileged person,” Freeland began. “Absolutely. Like other elected federal leaders, I get a really substantial salary, and I know that puts me in a really, really privileged position. And I really recognize that there aren’t people like me—people who have my real happiness – who are struggling the most in Canada today. The people who are struggling in Canada today, with today’s high prices, are not people like me. They are not federally elected politicians. They are people across the country who earn low incomes, who really experience that today’s high prices mean they have to make difficult choices about what food to buy, whether to buy groceries or save money to pay the rent. So I relate to that 100%.”

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It remains to be seen how Freeland’s other Canadians will respond to the apology, and whether they will follow suit and cancel their Disney+ subscriptions as she suggested.

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