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Can Disney+ Save ‘Strange World’

Can Disney+ Save ‘Strange World’

To say that Disney’s Strange world comes with a tumultuous reputation would be a glorious understatement. Considered by many to be the studio’s biggest financial flop since The Black Pot, losing around $100 million at the box office, the film is set to debut on Disney+ just a short time after its original release. As unusual as that sounds, it has the potential to at least partially save the film’s stigma.

The Clade family explores a strange new land in 'Strange World' (2022).  Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Strange world has a number of problems, but many claim that one of the biggest gaps is marketing. Similar to movies like Atlantis the lost empire, certain Disney fans have pointed to the film’s limited advertising as one of its biggest flaws, but there may be more to the equation. The film is a sci-fi adventure about a family of explorers on a bizarre alien world, but it also made some pretty controversial creative choices that led to the project’s downfall. That said, the introduction of Disney+ could give it a few more viewers with a more accessible platform.

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With some exaggeration, the 2020 COVID pandemic changed how we view movies as an audience. The institution of movie theaters is still healing, and some movies (notably Disney’s) have skipped theaters to far more positive results on streaming services. Turns red and Encanto both had very successful releases on Disney+ and there is potential for Strange world to do the same. Ease of access, however, does not absolve the film of its sins as viewed by critics.

Searcher Clade (Jake Gyllenhaal) and dog in
Credit: Disney

The plot of the film will not change, nor will its fractured plot points and “woke” elements. Logically, this means that those who found fault with it in theaters will obviously take issue with it when it’s released on Disney+. But just because the film doesn’t satisfy a massive audience doesn’t mean it won’t win the right one.

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Many of Disney’s classic animated films, e.g The Black Cauldron, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, and Atlantis: The Lost Empire all found their own fan base in the cult film circle. Who’s to say Strange world Don’t want the same result? It may be critically and commercially panned now, but it may have its own fan following after a while on Disney’s streaming platform.

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How do you think Strange World will fare on Disney+? Tell us in the comments below!

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