C3 AI partners with AWS to align AI applications and cloud services for digital transformation

C3 AI partners with AWS to align AI applications and cloud services for digital transformation

C3 AI expands collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS); the artificial intelligence (AI) provider and cloud services giant will integrate various industry- and sector-specific applications with AWS services, such as AWS Comprehend.

Since 2016, the partnership between the two companies has provided C3’s AI platform and various applications running on AWS, allowing customers to benefit from C3 AI’s innovative technology and AWS’s powerful analytics capabilities. C3 AI is featured in Acceleration Economy’s Top 10 AI/Hyper Automation Enablers list.

One of the goals of the partnership is to help customers accelerate their digital transformation. While the expanded agreement offers additional integrations specifically for public sector organizations, the entire C3 AI Platform and all six application suites are available on the AWS Marketplace, supporting a wider range of companies and sectors.

One application of C3 AI integrated into AWS is C3 AI Law Enforcement. The application aims to provide local government bodies with machine learning (ML) capabilities for real-time data analysis and management. The C3 AI platform and related applications are sold together with AWS.

“We’re excited about what we’ve seen so far because it will not only eliminate data silos and improve case efficiency, but it will also unlock enterprise analytics in ways we haven’t had the opportunity to do before,” said Kimberly Honciano, Chief Technology Officer. services at the San Mateo (California) County Sheriff’s Office, C3 AI-AWS release.

Digital transformation terminals

While the key elements of a digital transformation strategy are defined differently, these four common threads are particularly important in the context of the C3 AI-AWS relationship:

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Optimization of business processes: This means moving from manual to automated and AI-driven processes to accelerate business performance. Optimizing processes at every level of the organization, from supply chain to employee onboarding, business process optimization saves time and resources and allows organizations to focus on growth.

Utilization of the latest technological platforms: This usually means moving from a legacy on-premises IT architecture to the cloud. With cloud infrastructure, businesses can quickly scale and respond to the fluidity of modern business. In addition, a focus on cybersecurity and modernization of security defenses will help mitigate threats to digital-first applications and processes.

Modernization of the corporate culture: It is difficult, but necessary, to involve everyone in your organization in the digital transformation. It starts from the top; business leaders must drive the process and be fully invested in making the shift happen across the company.

Becoming data-centric: Every digital transformation is fueled by data. It informs applications, processes and customer engagement in a digitally aware organization. The goal is to provide business insight through the available data.

Final thoughts

C3 AI’s combined access to AWS makes this partnership especially powerful for customers, who can benefit from industry-specific applications that are deeply integrated with the cloud services many of them already use, while acquiring those applications alongside their cloud. to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.

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