Brittany Snow’s Dating History: Through the Years

Brittany Snow’s Dating History: Through the Years

Looking for your perfect match! Brittany SnowHer love life has been a hot topic throughout her career – both before and after her split from her husband Tyler Stanland.

THE Guiding Light alum started in Hollywood at the age of 8 and has been going non-stop ever since. By the time he starred in 2006 John Tucker must dieSnow’s personal life has been discussed as much as her career.

in the midst of his relationship with Tyler Hoechlinwhich lasted three years, a Someone Big actress gave fans a rare insight into her dating style.

“Sometimes if you sell too much, it loses its magic, as cheesy as it sounds,” Snow said. Cosmopolitan during an interview for the May 2015 issue. “We like to keep our moments to ourselves, so we don’t do much on social media. We don’t hide anything. We don’t want people to find out.”

THE Pitch Perfect star noted that the romance a Superman and Lois The actor was kept away from social media because Instagram and Twitter were “about interacting with people who follow my career.” He added: “I don’t think my relationship has anything to do with my career. So we’re just simple, let’s try not to think about it so much and be us.”

However, the Florida native revealed what type of men she was attracted to at the time. “Until recently, I always went out with musicians. I’m fascinated by being on the road and the music and the ’70s,” Snow told the magazine. “My favorite movie is Almost famous. I don’t date musicians anymore, but I still creepily hang out at concerts and venues.”

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THE Almost Family alum’s taste in partners seemingly changed again in 2018 when Stanaland started dating real estate agent and surfer. The couple married in March 2020, and several Snows Pitch Perfect costumers served as bridesmaids.

“I always thought it was very strange when [couples do separate pre-wedding events] “I understand why people want to do other days because they want to let their hair down,” Snow said exclusively Us Weekly In February 2020, the pair decided to merge their bachelor and bachelorette parties. “But I feel like I miss you.”

THE OC is for sale The star agreed, adding: “I just want to celebrate with my best friend.”

Two years later, the pair announced they had split after Stanaland raised eyebrows in the summer of 2022 for his close friendship with the Netflix costar. Alex Hall. The flirty dynamic made waves after they confirmed they were co-stars Kayla Cardona he made a move against it earlier.

“We made this decision out of love and mutual respect for each other,” Stanaland and Snow wrote in a September 2022 Instagram post. “We realized we needed to take some time to make sure we were all living our fullest and most authentic lives.”

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