Blocked for Male Date after asking to share account

Blocked for Male Date after asking to share account

Traditionally, the norm was for men to pay for dinner dates with women they were interested in. In relation to changing gender roles, there was confusion over who was responsible for paying for the first date between a man and a woman, causing conflict between potential lovers. .

One man found out firsthand that when it comes to showing a woman that she’s interested, you can never make assumptions.

In a since-deleted Reddit post, the man shared that he recently met a young lady on Tinder and “swiped right” to indicate his interest in her.

Apparently he did as well, and before he knew it, they had arranged their first date. Since she didn’t know where to go, he sent her a menu from a restaurant she knew, and she confirmed she was interested.

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According to him, their first date went off without a hitch… until the bill arrived.

Although they didn’t talk about it before the date, she thought they were going to split the bill, but she was under the impression that she would be paying for the date.

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The man admitted that he was the one who suggested the restaurant and knew it was expensive, but thought his Tinder match would have predicted it if it was out of his price range.

The Redditor asked him how the check will be split when it arrives. She told him that she lives with her parents and earns minimum wage, so she can’t afford expensive meals. Although annoyed, he paid the full bill.

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