Blind Date: Can Nurse Abbey and Mover Jacob Get Over the ‘Age Gap’?

Blind Date: Can Nurse Abbey and Mover Jacob Get Over the ‘Age Gap’?

Jacob, 22, says:

This was completely out of my comfort zone. I even had thoughts of pulling out the night before – nerves got the best of me. But I ended up going and I’m glad I did. It was a fun night and something new. It’s not often that a complete stranger brings you together with another stranger.

My first impression of Abbey was that she looked beautiful. He also had a great personality. He mentioned that he was 24, which isn’t a big deal to me, but I think he felt I was too young. He mentioned that he usually goes to people who are much older.

Jacob says he was so nervous he almost called it off - but he's glad he survived the date.
Camera iconJacob says he was so nervous he almost called it off – but he’s glad he survived the date. Credit: John Koh/The Western Australian

After all, we shared some similar interests and some fairly random interests. We both have weird texture issues with bananas, we love going to the gym and being fit, but we don’t mind the odd Sunday workout either. In the dating world, we’ve also talked a lot about red flags and ics. To me, the red flag is a clear indication that the person you’re chatting with is online but isn’t reading my messages or replying. My biggest problem is when someone has no personality and is dull as a pencil.

To be honest, I haven’t been very active in the dating scene lately. I tend to keep to myself a bit and haven’t been in a relationship in a while. I think the last time I was 11 was about six years ago. I think a lot of people use dating apps for ego boosts and a lot of guys don’t actually use them for what they’re meant to be, so I find that difficult.

We stayed in the restaurant for a good two and a half hours talking. I would say the most embarrassing part was that sometimes I had a hard time spitting out the words and forgot where we were in the conversation. I think Abbey spent a decent portion of the date trying to figure out what to say next because I would just lose my attention. Nerves played a huge role in this. I didn’t feel nervous when I walked in, but as soon as I sat down, they rushed in.

It was a really fun date and I had a lot of fun, even though we may not have been an exact match.


Abbey, 24, says:

I once arrived on time for a date. I have a habit of keeping guys waiting a bit on first dates, but I’m very impressed that I arrived on time.

My first impression of Jacob was that he seemed very young. He seemed like a very nice guy. He was very polite, but I definitely got the vibe that he was younger than me.

Abbey says she usually dates older men.
Camera iconAbbey says she usually dates older men. Credit: John Koh/The Western Australian

He asked if I had ever dated younger people and I said no. I usually look for guys who are around 10 years older than me. I knew there would be no chance of a romantic relationship. I felt like I couldn’t be romantic or flirty with her because of the age difference. Even though she was only two years old, I felt like a big girl with her. We are in very different stages of life. He’s still figuring himself out and going through college, even though I’m only two years older than him, I have quite a bit of life and dating experience. I have traveled a lot and I am very focused on my career. I have goals I’m working towards. I finished grad school and moved away from home at a very young age, so I think that’s why the gap was significant.

So yeah, we definitely fell into the friend zone very quickly. There was a point on the date when I even gave her dating advice for the future (laughs). We had a good conversation and Jacob’s company was very enjoyable, but nothing romantic.

We had a pretty awkward moment on the date when Jacob asked if I had any pets and I was like I’ve had a dog for 15 years but I had to put it down a few days ago so we made a quick change. topic. Another funny moment was when he asked me if I had a TikTok account and I was like oh my god what a dinosaur I am, I have no idea how TikTok works.

I ended up signing up for the blind date after my sister tagged me in one of the posts. I don’t like apps, I’d rather meet someone naturally. I’ve met people on the beach or on a night out.

We ended the date around 8:30pm and called it a night. We had a good chat and a few drinks. He’s a great guy, but I’m not in a relationship.


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