Billie Eilish says she has deleted all social media apps from her phone

Billie Eilish says she has deleted all social media apps from her phone

This article was originally published by Vanity Fair.

After spending most of her formative years online, Billie Eilish is taking the necessary step away from social media.

The pop star recently revealed that she deleted all social media apps from her phone to protect her mental health. “I don’t look at it anymore,” she explained in an upcoming episode of the series Conan O’Brien needs a friend podcast. “I deleted everything from my phone, which is a really big deal for me. Because dude, you didn’t have the internet growing up. In a preview clip released on Thursday, Eilish continued: “It was a really important part of it for me – not my childhood, I wasn’t like an iPad baby, thank God – but honestly, I feel like I’ve grown up. in the perfect age of the internet, that it wasn’t so internet-y that I didn’t have a childhood. I really had that childhood, and I was always doing things.”

But the “Happier Than Ever” singer said her relationship with the internet began to change as she got older. “When I was a minor, there were iPhones, and as I got a little older, there was everything that became. But being a minor and a teenager on the internet, they were my people. I was one of them. I was one of those people on the internet. Then to feel that nothing has changed, but suddenly I’m doing what I always do, and I’m watching the Internet, because I’m an Internet user… and slowly the videos that I watch and things. that I see on the Internet are about me. Oh, it stinks, I don’t like that, he said.

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This isn’t the first time Eilish has admitted that her fame has forced her to seriously rethink her online activities. In June 2021, he admitted the LA Times that he stopped reading Instagram comments altogether. When asked why, he explained: “Because otherwise I’m going to get out, and that’s mean as hell. There are people like my brother [Finneas], who can receive a text that he does not like and delete it immediately. He won’t even read it. I can not do it. If Satan himself were to speak to me, would I say what he said? I mostly agree with what the internet says. Are some of the things people make fun of funny because they’re true? Which then worries me because I think, “Oh my God, these are vile things [about me] really true? And what are they? I want to meet them! But I don’t want to know them because what will that do to me? Nothing.”

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