Big Blue Swim School Launches Industry’s First Real-Time Swim Lesson Tracking App Using Brand’s Proprietary Software

Big Blue Swim School Launches Industry’s First Real-Time Swim Lesson Tracking App Using Brand’s Proprietary Software

The nation’s fastest growing swim school uses proprietary software to monitor and track progress toward swimming with confidence

CHICAGO, March 13, 2023—(BUSINESS WIRE)–Big Blue Swim School, one of the nation’s fastest-growing franchises in the $3 billion learn-to-swim industry, today announced the introduction of new real-time progress tracking features to its mobile app. The latest updates provide actionable data and an overall better experience for parents, allowing them to not only track their child’s swim lessons, but also get tips on how to help them practice at home.

“At Big Blue, we are focused on providing parents with an unparalleled swim learning experience, and tracking progress is a key component of that experience,” says Chris DeJong, founder and president of Big Blue Swim School. “Parents want to know what their child is learning, how they can practice those skills independently, and what’s next in their development. With expanded features, parents can easily see their child’s progress and get a detailed picture of how their child’s Big Blue goals are progressing toward a confident and for safe swimmers.”

The Big Blue Swim School mobile app, which uses the company’s proprietary software, LessonBuddy™, is a leader in the swim school and children’s activities space, allowing parents to conveniently schedule and coordinate lessons for multiple children at once. With this latest release, the mobile app offers demonstration videos showing the skills a child has learned at their level, along with real-time written feedback from a trained manager. This allows parents to help children continue these skills outside of Big Blue’s pools. The ability to swim is no longer simply available or not; Big Blue students work toward a specific skill and can track their rate of progress toward that perfected skill within the app.

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In addition to demonstration videos, the app provides SplashZone™ goals, presence tracking and distance tracking for each child. SplashZones Milestones are Big Blue tracks that indicate the distance a child can swim independently and allow parents to see what distance their swimmer is working towards confidently on their own. Big Blue encourages an 85% participation target to ensure that all children progress in their development; with this in mind, Attendance Tracker helps parents track their child’s progress against their attendance record. Finally, to create additional motivation and excitement for children, Big Blue introduces the distance tracker. This update brings a gamification aspect to the app that allows a child to see how far they have swum during their time at Big Blue, building their confidence and showing how weekly hours add up to long distances.

“We are extremely proud of the progress tracking updates introduced to the Big Blue app,” says Casey Morford, Chief Technology Officer of Big Blue Swim School. “At Big Blue, our goal is to use technology to fill in the gaps that our parents and employees may be experiencing. These updates do just that, providing both groups with information that can improve their child’s swimming experience. We are especially excited about the distance tracker. , our first gamification addition that we know Big Blue swimmers will be looking forward to.”

Big Blue is committed to creating a seamless process for both parents and staff and continues to strengthen the use of technology to create an engaging experience for all. In the future, Big Blue plans additional content and development tracking features for parents.

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Big Blue Swim School is one of the nation’s fastest growing swim school franchises, offering best-in-class swim instruction for children ages three months to 12 years. The franchise was founded in 2009 by competitive swimmer Chris DeJong and, backed by Level 5 Capital Partners, currently has 18 pools in ten states. Big Blue continues to grow through franchising and plans to sell at least 260 pools by the end of 2023. Big Blue Swim School’s real estate expertise, strong brand, proprietary technology and executive support, and unmatched consumer offerings position the company. franchise partners for long-term success. To learn more about Big Blue Swim School franchise opportunities, visit

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