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Best Disney+ shows and seasons

Best Disney+ shows and seasons

Disney Plus has been the new home of Star Wars for a few years now. The streaming service has seen a lot Star Wars content, with many more on the way. From animation to live action, there’s plenty of it Star Wars series and seasons to enjoy on Disney Plus, each one telling a unique story from the perspective of a galaxy far, far away…

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There is a wide range of Star Wars content on Disney Plus, featuring Jedi origin stories, stories of the Mandalorians and their missions, even the return of a broken Jedi Master as he finds his way back to the Light side of the Force. Disney Plus has been a welcome home to Star Warsand there is sure to be a lot more about the streaming giant in the next few years, but not everything can be the best Star Wars contents.


9/9 The Book of Boba Fett

Star Wars The Book of Boba Fett Episode 3 Mistake

Boba Fett has been a fan favorite Star Wars character for over 40 years, even with his presumed demise in Return of the Jedi. Now, with a fresh coat of paint, and a new sense of purpose in the galaxy, Disney Plus brought back Boba Fett for his series, The Book of Boba Fett. The show focuses on Boba Fett as the new daimyo of Tatooine, one who fills the void left by Jabba the Hutt, and one who wants to rule with respect rather than fear.

Considering that fans had been waiting decades to see Boba Fett back in action, many were disappointed with the direction and tone of The Book of Boba Fett. The show comes off as a long-winded B-movie, with a notable lack of focus on Boba Fett. When the show focuses on the title character, his reinvention feels rushed and less fleshed out than the 40 years of books and comics.

8/9 Star Wars: Visions

The duel Star Wars Visions

This anthology animated series on Disney Plus brings together seven Japanese animation studios to create their unique perspectives on Star Wars universe. Through a series of short films, Star Wars: Visions brings the audience along Star Wars anime experience, each episode tells its own story, with its unique animation and design.

For fans of anthology series, Star Wars: Visions can be a pleasure. But since it’s all non-canon, and more of a celebration of anime mixed in Star Warsmany may choose to ignore Star Wars: Visions for its lack of importance in the grand scheme of things Star Warsbut the series should also be appreciated for its art form.

7/9 The Bad Batch

the bad batch of omega

As audiences saw a tragic farewell to the Clone Troopers in Star Wars: The Clone Warsmany did not expect Disney Plus to focus on the amazing animation upgrades for a sequel series, The Bad Batch. This series focuses on a unique and mutated group of clones as they make their way across the galaxy.

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There is a lot of drama between the brothers in The Bad Batchand a deep-rooted connection to the doctrine of Star Wars. It’s always great to see Clone Wars animation style, and The Bad Batch puts the focus on the Jedi aside and places it solely on the clones and their brotherhood.

6/9 Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi

ahsoka tano training with clone troopers

There is still a lot to be desired from the Prequel era Star Wars. Galaxy Building by George Lucas was huge and many still love it as one of the best Star Wars contents. With Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi, audiences get a deeper and more intimate look into the lives of famous Jedi. It helps to expand further Star Wars myths established in live-action films and series.

Short story collection from Tales of the Jedi presents two distinctly different Jedi with Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku. The latter has been relatively undeveloped in his time as a Jedi, and this animated show brings to light the choices that defined his destiny as a Sith Lord.

5/9 Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan smiles at Luke in Kenobi on Disney Plus

So many years have passed since audiences last saw Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen in their respective roles as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Fortunately for fans, Disney Plus brought them back for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Despite being marketed as a miniseries, many are clamoring for a new season to see their favorite Jedi Master again. Combine that with an epic rematch between Kenobi and Vader, and fans are in for a treat.

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There are some problems in it Obi-Wan Kenobi, some resulting from pacing and others from the already determined fate of key characters. But, Obi-Wan Kenobi manages to excite fans, bringing back an element of nostalgia for the broken and emotionally damaged Obi-Wan Kenobi, who is still dealing with the consequences of the defeat and downfall of Anakin Skywalker and the Jedi Order.

4/9 The Mandalorian Season 2

Mandalorian cutting spear

Season 2 of The Mandalorian continues to be a great addition to Star Wars universe. Din Djarin and “The Child” (nicknamed Baby Yoda by the internet) continue on their quest through the galaxy to find out more about the mysterious origins surrounding this little creature. Season 2 further adds to the great mythos of Star Warsby including exciting new species and allies, while renewing your love for characters like Boba Fett.

There are many surprises in season 2 of The Mandalorian, such as Ahsoka Tano’s live action debut, and Luke Skywalker’s return. There is great joy and fan service to it The Mandalorian Season 2, but it doesn’t have the same intrigue and grit as Season 1.

3/9 Star Wars: The Clone Wars The final season

ahsoka tano with 2 blue lightsabers

For years since its cancellation, fans have been clamoring for the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The animated series was loved for its mature themes and entries in the Star Wars universe, which sought to further flesh out the Prequel era Star Wars content by concretizing the stories between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

Disney Plus produced the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Warswhich further adds to the heartache Revenge of the Sith, by linking directly to the events of the film. The conclusion of the series marks the end of the Prequel era, as it details Ahsoka Tano and Maul’s epic battle against each other and Order 66. It is poetically tragic, like the best Star Wars content usually is.

2/9 Star Wars: Andor

Cassian talks to Kino in Andor episode 9

For something so different, yet familiar, Star Wars: Andor has been nothing short of spectacular. It shows the true potential of Star Wars, and what it could be without lightsabers, The Force and indulgent cameos and nostalgia bait. Star Wars: Andor presents something real, a more politically charged spy thriller than the usual fare Star Wars.

It is refreshing to see intellect and intensity in it Star Warsand each actor brings their range of motivations, emotions and incredible charges to the galaxy far, far away. Star Wars: Andor follows the story of Cassian Andor in his formative years of building to his sacrifice in Star Wars: Rogue One.

1/9 The Mandalorian

Mandalorian pistol

When the sequel trilogy to Star Wars finished, many did not know what Star Wars franchise would do next. However, Disney Plus soon became the new home for Star Warsstarting with its first live-action series, The Mandalorian. There is something spectacular about a Sci-Fi/Western, and this show does a lot of things right, by both being something new in a universe that is absolutely loved in every detail.

Not just is The Mandalorian a great addition to Star Wars, but it developed completely new technology that has been used by many other productions. The show itself tells the story of a Mandalorian bounty hunter, and his quest to keep “The Child” safe, a mysterious baby of an unknown species with the power of the Force. Din Djarin proves how skilled a fighter he is as he battles bounty hunters and the remnants of the Empire in this postReturn of the Jedi epic series.

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