Becca Moore on being a TikTok ‘girl’, dating and daily screen time

Becca Moore on being a TikTok ‘girl’, dating and daily screen time

Becca Moore is for the girls.

Next TikTok, @becccamooore(Opens in a new tab) best known for his hilarious reviews (rating my creepy dms(Opens in a new tab)), lists (things I honestly, honestly posted on Instagram(Opens in a new tab)), dating stories (at that time a baseball player flew me out to meet him(Opens in a new tab)), and then an The Uber driver saved his life and they became good friends with his entire family(Opens in a new tab).

Moore is part of an online group of women who have created an irreverent brand of internet humor that draws on their own feminist perspectives to share their personal experiences with men online and offline. She often talks about her experiences with toxic relationships, dating and respect. In an interview with Mashable, Moore said she wants to “help girls for the rest of my life.”

“My life’s purpose is to open a center of sorts for girls who have been in toxic or abusive relationships,” Moore said. “And to teach girls about toxic relationships and the ways men can abuse you in your relationship with them.”

We sat down with Moore to talk about TikTok, life online, and, of course, her sisters’ identity theft.

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Mashable: Started TikTok in late 2020. What was your social media presence like before?

Becca Moore: Oh my god! I was an Instagram girl or wanted to be an Instagram girl. I was a bartender and I was getting ready to go from 9 to 5, so they told me to delete my social media. [They said] the company looked bad because I posted bikini pictures. I only had 3000 Instagram followers. Anyway, I finally looked on LinkedIn and found it [out] the guys who worked at the company posted in bathing suits, that’s when I became so anti-male and decided not to take the 9 to 5. I started bartending and then I said, “I have so much extra time, I might as well download TikTok.”

The brand became clear very quickly. You’re here for the girls. Was that a deliberate move or are you just a girly girl?

I’ve always been a girly girl. I like being around girls. I’ve always been attracted to them like men.

You tell so many stories online. Have you ever run out of ideas?

I’m not even kidding: I avoided the stories. As now.

I use a lot of college stories because I was just the breeding ground [stories]. A lot of crazy things happened because I went out every day and kept meeting people. But honestly, as life goes on, crazier things happen. For example, I went on a first date last night, which – I can’t wait to make a video about it – was a crazy date.

Are you in apps?

I’m on it Raya.

Is this how you met last night’s date?

I met her in Nashville and she’s really hot.

How analog.

It was here [in LA] for the week, that’s how he remembered me from Nashville. And there was a paparazzi guy outside Craig’s(Opens in a new tab) [so] Finally, I said – there’s a headline that says:Becca Morris says Leonardo DiCaprio should go to jail(Opens in a new tab).” I didn’t know if it was going to be the cut or the cover. Then I had to go on my date.

Do you feel that because of your internet fame, men know about you when you go on these dates?

This guy doesn’t. I think [men] just check out my Instagram. They don’t watch my TikTok. Should. I do! I feel like I look after them in everything. I sat down and he said, “What are you doing?” And I was like “freelance marketing”.

When most people go on the wrong date, it feels like a waste of time. Do you feel the same way or not, because even if the date is bad, you get a good story for TikTok?

No, honestly. I shouldn’t say this, but I’ve been on five or six dates in the last three weeks and now I have so much material. But I feel like people won’t believe me. I think the craziness of the stories is because of my reaction to things. I feel like I don’t live a crazier life than the average person. I think my interactions are funny.

So the guys you’re dating aren’t more careful around you because they know you’re telling their story online?

It’s honestly humiliating. I always go into dates thinking “I have to be really toned down.” I have to be like, “No, I like men!” You know what I mean? Then they have no idea. I’ve dated other social media users like a couple and that’s the only time they really knew about it. So it’s definitely humbling. But my demographic is girls, so it makes sense.

Humiliation is an interesting approach because I would assume, “Oh, you’re an idiot. He never once searched on Google.

It’s so easy! It’s like, “Oh my god, you really forgot we planned this date until an hour ago, didn’t you.”

Do you date so much organically, or do you do it because of work?

I’m just bored. I might as well get a boyfriend. I don’t know what else to do.

Do you write your videos?

No no. I just plan in my head. But my makeup is all fake because there is no mirror there. I like to watch people apply makeup, so I like to apply makeup myself. But no, these are not scripts.

One thing that I think is for girls and not for boys is recognizing street influencers. Does this happen to you too? And how is the experience different when a girl approaches you and when a guy does?

Well, if it’s a guy, they’re going to hit on me. So it’s never funny. It’s nonsense. They always say, “You’re that girl, aren’t you, you’re the girls’ girl, aren’t you?” Then they try to get my number or something. So I don’t really like guys doing it. If it’s a girl, I love it. God, I love girls who recognize me. They are so cheerful and kind. But yeah… Guys don’t come near me. Don’t come up if you’re a straight guy.

What has been one of the highlights of your career on TikTok so far?

I helped the Torres family with the Uber situation when I was stranded at Coachella and he literally saved me. Being able to raise this money for his family was the highlight of my life.

And you’re still hanging out with him, right?

Yes. I was with him last week. We went with racing cars.

How much time do you spend on TikTok as a viewer?

All day. I’m thinking, “Maybe it’s just for research. Maybe I’m trying to get new ideas.” But no, it isn’t. How much screen time do you have? I have to ask.

Nine hours and 53 minutes a day. What is yours?

Mine was 11 hours last week. I have to stop. I really need to stop, but I work from home. I’m in my house all day. What should I do?

What are your favorite TikTok trends right now?

I’m on the weird side of TikTok [right now]. I’m on the polygamous TikTok. Did you see Sister wives? I haven’t even watched a show in years. But I know all the drama.

I don’t follow trends. i don’t dance I’m just talking to the camera.

If you could change anything about TikTok, what would it be?

I would make it less addictive. I do not know! I love TikTok. I literally love it. Very good and I like how the algorithm works. I would probably limit men from posting. I hate alpha male trends.

Is there something you want to talk about online but can’t or don’t know how to find a way?

That’s all I was thinking. I want to do more every day [content], than what I actually do during the day. I feel like people wouldn’t care.

I do not know. I think people love vlogs.

I want to because there are so many funny things that happen in my day and I have so many random stories. I wish I could vlog, but I’m just not brave enough. I think I’ll do it on YouTube. I want to start a YouTube channel.

What was the first website you were obsessed with? Like being a Neopets kid?

Yes. I was a child with everything.

I got on my sister’s AOL and pretended to be her and chatted with people. I made a fake Facebook and pretended to be him. And it was hot. He was like in high school and I was nine years old.

How did he like it?

He hated me. Well, he doesn’t know about the Facebook thing. I never even told him about it. Then I got a boyfriend. My God. Then I dated a guy online, but we never met.

How did you break up with him?

They are banned from using the computer.

He thinks you’re still going.

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