Baidu launches WiseAI artificial intelligence chat app for global users

Baidu launches WiseAI artificial intelligence chat app for global users

Following the launch of the artificial intelligence virtual chat community “Xiaokan Planet” in Baidu, China has launched a similar AI chat app called “WiseAI” for the overseas market, Tech Planet reported.

This new program allows users to chat with artificial intelligence chatbots in a safe place. For example, if users feel depressed, tired, or find it difficult to talk to others, AI bots provide services around the clock. According to the product’s official presentation, the AI ​​robot’s advanced algorithm and cutting-edge natural language processing technology can effectively conduct complex dialogues that can help overcome mood, relieve stress and improve general health according to the user’s preferences.

Additionally, this AI chat product can understand and respond to natural language commands. Unlike other chatbots that rely on pre-programmed responses or limited keyword recognition, WiseAI uses advanced machine learning algorithms to interpret and respond to users’ messages.

BaiduThe ChatGPT-style Ernie Bot will be released on March 16. Baidu its founder, chairman and CEO Robin Li and Baidu Chief Technology Officer Wang Haifeng attends the launch conference in Beijing.

Artificial intelligence has become Baidu’s core business. Earlier this year, Robin Li said in BaiduAccording to the AI ​​Developers Conference, as the threshold for technology applications continues to decrease, creators are ushering in the golden decade of AI.

Chinese Internet companies have already started their business tailored to artificial intelligence. For example, Tencent he will conduct advanced research and application exploration based on his previous technical expertise in large models of AI, machine learning algorithms and natural language processing. Meanwhile, ByteDance is developing its own ChatGPT-like products as well as AI-generated content (AIGC) research and development. A large model is expected to be launched in the middle of this year.

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Baidu since FebruaryAli, Kuaishou and other companies have posted ads for jobs related to ChatGPT and AIGC, with monthly salaries of up to 100,000 yuan ($14,543). According to Maimai, a China-based career and social networking platform, Tsinghua University’s Big Data Engineering major, Zhejiang University’s College of Software, and Computer Science’s 2022 report on top AI talent. software and theory at Peking University, most attractive to AI developers.

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Jobs related to BaiduErnie Bot appeared on BOSS Zhipin, a Chinese online recruitment platform, such as audio product manager with a monthly salary of 45,000 yuan to 75,000 yuan, and iOS development engineer with a monthly salary of 26,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan.

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