Azul passengers can now use an app to offset CO2 emissions and support Amazon Rainforest projects

Azul passengers can now use an app to offset CO2 emissions and support Amazon Rainforest projects

Azul Linhas Aereas has announced a new partnership with climate solutions company CHOOOSE, which will allow passengers to support its climate projects from the airline’s mobile app. This includes the calculation of carbon dioxide emissions and offsets for all flights that support climate projects in the Amazon.

Azul presents carbon offsetting initiative

The Brazilian airline partnered with Norway-based CHOOOSE on a new app feature that helps passengers understand and mitigate the carbon footprint of their travel. During the booking process through Azul’s mobile app, passengers can calculate and pay a surcharge to offset the carbon emissions of all flights. As Azul explained,

“When purchasing any ticket with Azul through the company’s mobile app, customers can choose an extra fee that has a dual function. It compensates for the CO2 emissions from the seat during the flight and directs funds to climate projects in the Amazon.”

CO2 calculations will run through technology designed by CHOOOSE, taking into account flight distance, route, aircraft type, number of passengers, seat class and other variables. The funding will go to climate projects in the Amazon, a key biodiversity region that campaigners are fighting to preserve amid widespread deforestation and ecological damage.

Azul Embraer 195-E2 parked at the VCP gate

Photo: Lukas Souza | Easy flight

Andreas Slettvoll, CEO of CHOOOSE, added:

“We are seeing a growing trend of individuals and companies worldwide looking for ways to understand and reduce the carbon emissions associated with their travel. CHOOOSE is proud to support Azul in implementing a climate program that enables customers to easily understand and manage their carbon footprint .—all within the mobile app booking process—while contributing to high-impact climate solutions like preserving forests and biodiversity. Together, we’re making climate action more accessible to people around the world.”

Quality climate projects

CHOOOSE carefully selects which projects it supports in order to maximize the environmental impact of its funding. The company claims that less than 5% of climate change projects fail to meet the quality criteria, giving travelers reassurance that the offset is being used for meaningful and credible projects.

Henrique Barone Mathias, Product Manager at Azul commented:

“We have done extensive research and decided to rely on the expertise and reference of a recognized partner in the market to ensure that Azul customers can cover this compensation with the guarantee of carbon emission units certified by the international standard, the Verified Carbon Standard (VSC) . ).”

Founded in 2017, the company works with industry leaders including Southwest Airlines, British Airways, Skyscanner and Heathrow Airport to implement effective sustainability practices through its digital platform. Other initiatives include a recent partnership with JetBlue, which allows passengers to cover the cost premium of SAF over conventional jet fuel, and a partnership with BA, which offers both SAF and carbon offsets emissions.

Azul sustainability announcements coming soon

The move is the latest in Azul’s sustainability efforts as the low-cost airline seeks to decarbonize and contribute to climate solutions. The carrier says it has more initiatives to announce in the coming year, so stay tuned.

Blue Airbus A320neo

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One strategy that undoubtedly supports the sustainability drive is its aim to operate a 100% new generation fleet by 2026, helping the airline reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

Would you use a feature like in-app carbon offsets if it were more widely available across the industry? Let us know in the comments.

  • Azul Airbus A330neo in Azul's hangar at VCP

    Photo: Lukas Souza | Easy flight


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