AWS Moves to Applications: Learn about VP Supply Chain

AWS Moves to Applications: Learn about VP Supply Chain

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Welcome to the Cloud Wars Minute – daily news and commentary hosted by Cloud Wars founder Bob Evans. Each episode offers insights and perspectives around the “reimagining machine” that is the Cloud.

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In this Cloud Wars minute, Bob Evans details his conversation with AWS Supply Chain Solutions VP Diego Pantoja-Navajas, who explains the company’s move into the supply chain sector.


01:00 — AWS, the “category king” of cloud infrastructure and a huge player in the platform space, is moving into the business of enterprise applications. Bob had the opportunity to speak with the company’s Vice President of Supply Chain, Diego Pantoja-Navajas.

01:24 — Pantoja-Navajas founded a supply chain software company called LogFire, which he sold to Oracle in 2016. He worked at Oracle for about five years before joining AWS 18 months ago.

01:56 — In his interview, Pantoja-Navajas emphasized that AWS Supply Chain can leverage parent company Amazon’s supply chain expertise. He also noted that AWS Supply Chain is not intended to “cut and replace supply chain solutions [customers] already has,” but that AWS Supply Chain is built to work with “customers’ other supply chain and ERP solutions.”

02:30 — The supply chain has moved into the “center of strategic discussions” that companies in all industries are engaged in today. Supply chain operations affect every part of the business.

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03:18 — The full interview can be viewed here. In today’s Cloud Wars News article, Bob explains Pantoja-Navajas’ plans for AWS Supply Chain and the key solutions it will deliver to customers.

03:26 — AWS hasn’t disclosed any “future plans” for its involvement in the supply chain space, but Bob suggests that this move into the supply chain space “gives us reason to think that” the company may getting into the HCM space, procurement and other areas. “I think it’s likely. I think it’s an evolution of what AWS customers are probably talking about,” explains Bob.

04:10 — AWS is adamant that it will not come in and “cut and replace” existing customers, but rather work with customers to leverage their investments.

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