Are ‘Married at First Sight’ Claire and Jesse still together?

Are ‘Married at First Sight’ Claire and Jesse still together?

Claire, on the other hand, approached the experiment with her lively personality, striving to find “the one” who could be her soul mate. Here’s everything you need to know about their journey — including the “cheating scandal” — to their current relationship status.

Who are Claire Normahas and Jesse Burford from MAFS?

Claire Normahas is a 31-year-old preschool assistant from Victoria. He grew up in a “messy Greek household” and is known for his cheerful and talkative disposition. She says she’s looking for someone to “grow old with” like her grandparents, who are still happily married after their marriage many years ago.

Jesse Burford celebrated his 30th birthday in Perth. He organizes rock-style weddings, and after seeing so much of other people’s love, he wants it for himself. Jesse is very strong in the initial spark and catches the ick easily, but once he’s in, he comes in.


Image: Channel 9

The wedding

Despite all his doubts about who he would end up with, Jesse was instantly attracted to Claire, as she was to him. After the vows were over and they started talking, Jesse was taken aback by Claire’s penchant for astrology (astrologer girls being one of her favorites).

She decided to look past him and get to know him. “I think the best course of action is to try to respect his passion and try to change my boundaries,” he said.

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The honeymoon

Claire and Jesse soon set off on their honeymoon in the Whitsundays, but things soured when Jesse ‘stifled’ Claire’s chatter.

Claire was shocked at this and put her foot down for being treated like this.

This caused Jesse to reevaluate his approach to the relationship. They made up briefly, but it didn’t last long, as Jesse told Claire that his most annoying trait was his “random comments about everything,” prompting her to go back to her room and start packing while crying.

The first dinner party


Image: Channel 9

The pair eventually met before their first dinner and settled their differences to walk in together. However, they talked on the way and got into another argument about Jesse’s behavior, so Claire had to go in alone.

Claire quickly told the other MAFS guests what had happened, gaining sympathy. The group finally asked Jesse for his opinion, and he bluntly said, “I’d rather have a date with my toaster in the bathtub than listen to him talk.”

To move in

Moving in didn’t change the bad energy between Jesse and Claire, but things changed when some of the MAFS contestants decided to go on a “secret” trip to a pub. Jesse and Claire were there and Jesse noticed Claire approaching another contestant, Adam. At one point they disappeared, causing Jesse (who returned home alone) to demand Claire show him her phone.

Claire railed against this, and the resulting argument led to Jesse moving out of their home.

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The engagement ceremonies

At the engagement ceremony, the cheating allegations took a new form as Lyndall revealed that on the pub night Adam told her: ‘Don’t go, you know if you go I’m going home with Claire’. At this point, news of actual physicality between Claire and Adam remained elusive.

After the episode, Claire sat Jesse down to apologize and admit that she kissed Adam that night. “It’s classic. I just knew it,” he said.

“I should have told you sooner, and I’m sorry I didn’t,” he said. “You don’t deserve this.”

The grilling

At a later dinner party, Claire and Adam marveled at their behavior and how much it hurt their spouses, Jesse and Janelle.

Claire came to the dinner with a letter to give to Jesse, promising to put him first. However, the group gave him the cold shoulder, followed by a hot roast, and invested him in lying to his partner.

“I have no excuse for my behavior,” he said. “It shouldn’t have happened and I’m honestly very sorry – and I’m very sorry.”


Image: Channel 9

Janelle (Adam’s partner) was saddened by the situation. “I said goodbye to him before he left,” Janelle said nervously. “And he slept with me that night.”

Finally, Jesse said he respects Claire’s repentance. “That’s what owning your mistakes and giving a sincere apology gives you,” he added. “A little leniency from the mob.” Claire handed Jesse her letter and the pair hid.

At a later engagement ceremony, Jesse admitted that on top of his dating history, the whole saga made him question whether he was worthy of love. Claire continued to try to win him over, the pair enjoyed a game of squash and Claire gave him a present to say sorry.

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However, not long after, fellow contestant Harrison started getting into Jesse’s head, saying at another dinner that Claire had told his wife, Bronte, that she wasn’t attracted to Jesse.

Claire said that wasn’t true, but Jesse couldn’t see past her.

“I know what it’s like when someone likes me, but we don’t have that,” Jesse said. “You like me because of the experiment, but in the real world, what happened with Adam that night at the bar was actually you liking someone.”

Are Claire Normahas and Jesse Burford still together?

There’s no denying that Claire and Jesse have had a tumultuous journey. However, in recent weeks, their relationship seems to be growing stronger, thanks to Claire’s commitment to making the relationship work.

yet, Yahoo! reports that they are no longer together after filming. How do they know this? Well, photos in the publication’s possession appear to show Claire and Jesse arriving at the meeting in separate vehicles. This could mean that the couple decides to leave before committing for good.

Will Harrison’s recent comments be his downfall, or is there a redemption arc in the mix? We have to pay attention to slow down.

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