Are Bronte and Harrison “Married at First Sight” still together?

Are Bronte and Harrison “Married at First Sight” still together?

Who are Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon?

Bronte, 28, is an online beauty editor from New South Wales. The history of dating full of “situations” and looking for someone great to talk to who can spoil it.

Harrison, 32, is a builder from New South Wales. He is the father of a three-year-old son and is open to having more children with the right person.

The wedding

When Harrison and Bronte met at the altar, things seemed to go smoothly.

“Bronte was rightly blown away. Absolutely amazing, I just felt all the air leave my body,” admitted Harrison.

Shortly after the pair said ‘I do’, things took a turn for the worst.

Bronte’s best friend Jessica pulled her aside at the wedding reception and revealed that her new husband had been dating another friend in the week leading up to the experiment, even telling her: ‘She wants to be with him when he finishes the experiment. “

When confronted with the allegations, Harrison sheepishly admitted, “There’s someone I’ve had a crush on for a long time… I kind of told him I wish I could do this with him.”

bronte-harrison wedding

Image: @_bronteschofield

The bet

On their honeymoon in the Hunter Valley, the new couple tried to mend their marriage with a round of golf and a few glasses of wine.

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After getting cozy that night, things started to look dire again.

“[Sex] it was so rushed and there was no emotion,” Bronte admitted. “Basically, I know her favorite sex position before I know her favorite color.”

The arrival of the ‘Honety Box’ seemed to confirm Bronte’s fears. When Harrison was asked if he felt sexual chemistry with her, he replied, “Ummmm…look. Not at the moment.”

The first dinner party

Fast forward to the first dinner party and Bronte and Harrison are once again trying to move forward from rocky beginnings.

But re-enacting the events of their wedding with co-stars seemed to cast even more doubt on their budding relationship.

After hearing Bronte’s version of events, MAFS Co-star Melinda admitted: “I think I believe Bronte’s boyfriend.” He also added: “I have advice for Bronte and it’s running. Fast.”


Image: @_bronteschofield

The first commitment ceremony

At the first commitment ceremony, Bronte and Harrison’s future seemed in doubt.

After discussing Harrison’s recent dating again, the pair were asked to vote on whether to continue the experiment. Harrison wrote “leave” while Bronte chose to stay.

Are Bronte and Harrison still together?

Despite a shaky start, it appears that Bronte and Harrison are still together.

In an appearance Extra todayHarrison said “We’re in a good place. There’s real feeling there and I’ve introduced Bronte to my son, which is a big step.”

On the future of their relationship, he added: “I see myself being with this girl for the long haul. There are many questions about whether it is genuine or not. We’ve been living together for over a month now. It’s just a natural progression of a relationship.”

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