Arccos, the pioneer of big data and artificial intelligence in golf, today introduced the new Arccos for Apple Watch app update, highlighted by UX improvements that allow golfers to launch the Arccos Caddy round without a hitch in the world’s first on his smart watch no. touch their iPhone.

A completely redesigned caddy application

The shot tracking hardware of choice for nearly 20% of Arccos members, Apple Watch also allows Arccos Caddy members to view AI rangefinder distances, receive personalized club recommendations, add penalty strokes, view shot history and hole scores , and make the necessary modifications.

“From a product perspective, we’ve completely redeveloped the Arccos Caddy app for the Apple Watch architecture from the ground up,” said Dave LeDonne, Arccos VP of Product. “With well over half a million rounds played by Arccos members on Apple Watch last year alone, this redesign dramatically improves the experience,” he added.

Additional features of the app include allowing players to mark hole locations on the green with a simple press of a button when standing right next to the pin. This provides more accurate short game and insights and highlights areas for player improvement through powerful Strokes Gained analytics insights.

More than 650 million recordings for Arccos members

To access the new experience, which is optimized for Apple Watch Series 5 and later, members simply open the Arccos Caddy app for Apple Watch, confirm the course and tees played, and press start round. The app then syncs with smart sensors in the grips of each club to determine exactly when and where the shot was fired.

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Arccos members have now recorded more than 650 million shots during 13.5 million shootings in 162 countries around the world. The largest golf course data set has collected more than 700 billion distinct data points to power Arccos’ industry-leading Strokes Gained engine, which allows players to select their personal handicap targets and then provides personalized analysis of every aspect of the game and every club in play. bag.

Golf’s first artificial intelligence platform, Arccos automatically tracks your shots while providing comprehensive insights and personalized stroke analysis for every aspect of your game and every hitter. The system is highlighted by artificial intelligence-powered rangefinder, intelligent club distances and caddy advice for every hole in the ground. These innovations helped new Arccos members who played at least 10 rounds reduce their handicap by an average of 5.71 strokes in their first year of membership.

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