Appdome global consumer survey reveals UK consumers have high expectations for mobile app security

Appdome global consumer survey reveals UK consumers have high expectations for mobile app security

A majority of UK consumers say security, fraud and anti-malware are “as important as new features in apps”.

REDWOOD CITY, CA, March 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Appdome, the mobile economy’s only cyber defense automation platform, today announced the results of a new survey showing that more than half (59%) of UK consumers equate mobile app security with new features in Android and iOS apps. according to a quarter of respondents, the security of mobile applications is more important than services.

Findings detailed in Appdome UK’s two-year Consumer Expectations of Mobile Security Survey reveal how UK consumers use mobile apps and their expectations of mobile app security, compared with the findings of over 25,000 consumers worldwide. The survey aims to help mobile developers, cyber security professionals and brands adapt their mobile app security and mobile anti-fraud strategies to meet UK consumers’ expectations for mobile channel protection.

“There are thousands of apps vying for the attention of British consumers and brands have to work much harder to win the top spot. Britain most used and most trusted applications,” he said Tom Tovar, CEO and co-founder of Appdome. “Mobile app security is a key part of the mobile user experience, and this survey will arm mobile brands with the information they need to choose the right protection for their mobile apps and users.”

British consumers have definitely gone mobile. Today, nearly half (49%) prefer to use mobile apps over other digital channels (31%) when engaging with brands. In addition, when UK consumers were asked what level of protection they needed in mobile apps, 43% said they wanted the highest level of protection, including protection against hacking, fraud and malware. Only 6% of UK consumers said they did not need protection. At 29%, mobile malware was the biggest concern among British consumers. This represents an 89% increase compared to the results of last year’s survey. However, the fastest-growing concern among UK consumers was mobile developers not adding security, anti-malware and anti-fraud measures to their mobile apps, a 184% jump on last year.

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For brands, the benefits outweigh the risks in meeting consumers’ mobile security needs.

  • 93% British consumers have made it clear that they reward and promote brands that protect their mobile app data and usage from hackers, fraud and malware.

  • 28.9% UK consumers are more likely to publicly hashtag or share an app recommendation on social media, with 22.3% privately recommending an app to friends and family if their security expectations are met.

  • 22.3% “I would probably stop using the app and look for alternatives,” and 39% said, “I would very likely stop using the app and tell my friends to stop if they found out it doesn’t protect their data or use it.”

  • 71% of Android users and 66% of iOS users they state that they would leave the brand/app and would tell others to do so if a mobile app they were using was hacked or hacked.

“Protecting mobile apps goes far beyond compliance,” he said Chris Roeckl, VP of Product at Appdome. “UK consumers are highly sophisticated when it comes to cyber, fraud and malware and have high expectations for their mobile app experience that mobile brands must meet to succeed.”

The survey drew respondents from a wide demographic spectrum, including Android and iOS users, generations, genders, and economic backgrounds. For the full report, visit

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