After high-profile relationships with Robert Pattinson and Shia LaBeouf, FKA Twigs is taking control of the narrative about her new romance

After high-profile relationships with Robert Pattinson and Shia LaBeouf, FKA Twigs is taking control of the narrative about her new romance

    FKA Twigs in the Honda music video

FKA Twigs in the Honda music video

The past few years have indeed seen the rise of FKA Twigs, the British singer and dancer who has garnered prestigious awards and nominations. But in addition to his musical art, his love life was also a serious topic of conversation. The singer has been linked to some big names, notably Robert Pattinson and Shia LaBeouf. Since her split with the latter, the public has continued to wonder who she’s dating, and now Twigs has revealed how she’s ‘taking control’ of the narrative when it comes to her latest romance.

The presenter – whose real name is Tahliah Barnett – took to social media in an article speculating about her new beau. One Instagram post, he shared a screenshot of the play, in which the image zeroes in on the profession’s search for his friend. In her caption, FKA Twigs got candid about being constantly hounded when it comes to her dating life. With this, she revealed the name of her suitor and tagged him in the post:

I’ve been hounded to date my entire career. so this time i’ll direct you to the post and take control of the situation. her name is @jordan_hemingway, a beautiful artist whose heart restored my faith in love. Priest pictures will always be rough, so swipe for hot pictures. and now I want to go back to my beautiful private life with the dogs

This is certainly one way to step up and clap back on the wave of attention surrounding your personal life. It seems clear that the 35-year-old Grammy nominee is tired of the noise and wants to quell further speculation. While one could argue that she’s a public figure and that this news coverage comes with fame, it’s easy to understand that it can all get tiring. And needless to say, he had to deal with it quite often.

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FKA Twigs started dating Robert Pattinson back in 2014 and the couple has been in the press quite often. She and Pattinson eventually got engagedbut until October 2017 they broke up, sources said at the time that things didn’t get “difficult” for the couple. A few years ago, Twigs was honest It deals with the backlash from Pattinson’s fan base. At the time, she stated that her admirers “thought she should definitely be with a white and blonde person.”

The singer later met Shia LaBeouf on set in 2019 Honey Boy and they would establish contact from there. They reportedly started dating in mid-2018 and parted ways in mid-2019. in December 2020 FKA Twigs sued LaBeouf, accusing him of sexually harassing, abusing and subjecting her to emotional stress while they were together. He even claimed that he once shot stray dogs to prepare for a role. THE Transformers alum subsequently denied the allegations and entered rehab however, in a 2022 interview LaBeouf admitted he “hurt” the singer. In this current situation Twigs continues to take legal action against LaBeouf.

The ‘Cellophane’ entertainer seems more than happy with her latest relationship, citing Jordan Hemingway as rekindling her ‘faith in love’. This latest social media post indicates that she’s learned more than a few things from her time in the spotlight. Also, moving forward, we imagine he’ll try to take control of any narrative about his life that’s going around.

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