A Canadian TikToker Shares Her ‘Worst First Date’ And Yes, It’s Pretty Horrible (VIDEO)

A Canadian TikToker Shares Her ‘Worst First Date’ And Yes, It’s Pretty Horrible (VIDEO)

Finding love on dating apps can be a rewarding, boring, or frustrating experience, and for one Canadian TikToker, it was definitely a scenario that fell into the latter category.

TikTok user @touchmyburrito recently shared a story about the “worst first date” she’s ever been on and why she hasn’t used the app since.

“It was 2016 and I met this girl on Tinder,” he said, explaining that after a few weeks of texting, they decided to meet up for a date that required him to travel a significant distance.

“At first the conversation was great, you know, we’re in similar interests, you know, the conversation went well, and then it took a turn for the worst,” he said.

“He mentioned his ex and he didn’t just casually drop them,” the TikToker shared. – The conversation did not stop at his ex.

She said that’s when she realized there wasn’t going to be a second date, but things took another turn when she asked to split the bill.

“And at this point he’s telling me he doesn’t have a wallet,” said @touchmyburrito. “He didn’t bring any money.” He just assumed I would cover the dinner because guys usually covered the first date.

He then paid the $160 bill and commented that it put him in a bad mood, which is fair.

Just as he was about to call it a night, his date suggested they have a few drinks to keep the evening going, and given that he was commuting, he was willing to give it a shot.

“So I said, ‘Yeah, sure. We can go for a drink, but only if we go to your place so you can grab your wallet. Because I’m not covering your drinks all night,” said the TikToker. the woman.

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Her date gave a less than kind response to the proposal.

“I just like it. He took a long, silent pause and looked at me and said, ‘You’re cheap, aren’t you?’

He said the two “looked at each other” before he transferred and headed home.


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“And that was 2016, folks. We haven’t downloaded a dating app since,” @touchmyburrito said of the whole situation. “It was memorable in a bad way.”

While some in the comments section didn’t think the date was too terrible, many sympathized with the TikToker.

“I would have turned on him after he said you were cheap, wouldn’t I?” and said, “You’re spoiled, aren’t you?” one person wrote.

“Why do people leave without money?” said another. “If it’s ok with a partner and even then, but with someone first? Nope.”

“It may have been a bad date, but it’s a great story!!!!” written by a user.

Very true!

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