8 Samsung Galaxy Calculator Secrets You Should Know

8 Samsung Galaxy Calculator Secrets You Should Know

We know that Samsung goes out of its way to load up its phones with as many features as possible, but one app that is often overlooked in terms of functionality is the Calculator app.

The app includes some cool features that aren’t always obvious at first glance. Take a look at eight of these features and how they can help you.

1. Copy, paste and share numbers

You can easily copy numbers and equations in Samsung Calculator. To do this, long press or double tap the number you want to copy; if it’s an equation, long-press or double-tap a number, then drag to select the entire equation. Alternatively, you can tap it It selects all from the menu.

To insert a number or equation into the calculator, tap the cursor or the empty space next to it and select Paste. Note that you must already copy a number or equation to the clipboard for this to work.

You can also share the number or equation directly from the calculator app instead of having to retype it in another app. To do this, simply tap share it after selecting an item from the menu, then select the application or contact you want to send it to.

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2. Open Calculator history

Instead of having to do the same calculation again because you forgot the result, you can quickly review your calculator’s history to refresh yourself. To do this, tap History button (the clock icon) and scroll through recent calculations.

You can also tap to remove them Delete History. Tap to return to calculations Keyboard button, which appears in place of the History button.

3. Re-enter the saved equations

While accessing the calculator’s history, you can tap a number or equation to immediately re-enter it and continue the calculation using the arithmetic operations on the right.

This is very useful if, for example, you are doing taxes or solving math problems, as you may need to go back and forth many times to compare different results.

4. Use the Built-in Unit Converter

If you want to do a unit conversion, you can do it directly from the Calculator app on your Samsung phone instead of Google. Touch the Unit converter button (the ruler icon), select what you want to measure, and then select your units.

For example, suppose you want to calculate how many liters equal one gallon of water in the United States. In this case, you would choose Volume as a measure, then select US gallon and Liters like your units.

What’s more, you can even calculate how much you tip the waiter. To do this, tap the option Hint and enter the sub-amount, then select the tip percentage and the number of people sharing the bill. For example, if you are a group of four friends and the tip is $175 and you decide to leave a 15% tip, the total amount due is $201.25, with each friend paying $50.31.

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5. Switch to the Scientific Calculator

For more than simple arithmetic operations, tap the button Scientific method button to switch to a scientific calculator. The phone switches to landscape mode and showcases a number of advanced scientific features. With autorotation on, you can just turn the phone on its side to directly reveal the scientific calculator.

Samsung calculator scientific mode

6. Ask Bixby to solve your math problems

If you’re carrying something and can’t open the Calculator app for calculations, you can ask Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant to help.

Say “Hey Bixby” to wake up the assistant, then say the question, like “Hey Bixby, what’s a quarter of 58 meters?” or “Hey Bixby, convert 37 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit” and Bixby will dictate the answer.

You can retrain Bixby to recognize your voice if the assistant doesn’t respond to you.

7. Create an app pair to use Calculator and Google Sheets together

If you work a lot with spreadsheets, there’s a good chance you almost always have a calculator by your side. But doing this on mobile is a bit inconvenient, as you have to constantly switch between, for example, the Calculator app and Google Sheets.

Galaxy phones have a split-screen view so you can use two apps at the same time, but having to manually set it up every time can be a little annoying, especially if you have to do it several times a day. Instead, it’s easier to create an app pair from the two apps for quick access.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Google Sheets app, then go to the Recents screen (tap They are recent button or swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold).
  2. Tap on the app icon and select it Open in split screen viewand select the Calculator app from the list.
  3. In split screen mode, tap the resize handle in the center of the screen, then tap Add app pair to it button (the star icon) and select it Home screen. Now you can tap this icon to launch both apps together.
    • If you use edge panels, you have a choice Applications front panel instead, to avoid cluttering your Home screen. The app pair is added to the front panel.

Alternatively, you can create a new routine to open the app pair via the Routines widget.

You can do this by:

  1. Go Settings > Modes & Routines > Routines and touch the + icon.
  2. Set up a trigger (aka “If” command) and select it Start it manually.
  3. Set an action (aka “Then” command), select it Applications > Open an application pairselect the two apps and tap the button Ready. Tap to save the routine Save > Done.
  4. You will then see a popup asking if you want to add a widget to your Home screen to activate the routine. Tap the Addition to confirm.

8. Download the Calculator Edge Panel

If you really use Edge panels, you may be aware that you can download third-party edge panels from the Galaxy Store just like you can from the Play Store.

Interestingly, the calculator in the Edge panel can also be used through the Calculator panel. It’s useful because it allows you to perform basic calculations without having to exit the application you’re currently using. You can download the app directly to your phone or visit the Settings > Display > Edge panels > Panels > Galaxy Storethen search for “Calculator Panel” and get it from there.

Download: Calculator panel (free)

Get the most out of Calculator

It’s very easy to underestimate a calculator app knowing that it performs simple functions, but it can be much more useful if you just take the time to learn how to get the most out of it.

The calculator app is just one example; One UI contains so many apps and features that you can spend hours optimizing your Samsung phone and truly make it your own.

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