7 Best Android Apps to Help You in Driving Test

7 Best Android Apps to Help You in Driving Test

Taking the driving test can be quite stressful and if you haven’t prepared properly, things can turn out for the worst. In most states, the DMV will only issue a license if you reach 80%. Although it may seem daunting, test preparation can be easier with the right tools.

Take a look at some Android apps that can help you with this. These apps include a variety of quizzes, practice tests, personalized study plans and detailed explanations of driving rules, so you can prepare in the easiest way imaginable.

1. DMV Practice Test Genie

If you have no idea how to start preparing, consider starting with the DMV Practice Test Genie. It has a comprehensive selection of quizzes and tests that make it an invaluable tool for aspiring drivers.

After installing the app, you can select your condition, vehicle type and skill level to access relevant materials. This mostly consists of the theory section and the DMV manual.

You can also choose your exam date and tackle three difficulty levels: Easy, Hard and Hardest. For optimal results and increased confidence, it is recommended to try all available tests before the actual driving test. There are over 600 questions and the app tracks your progress to see how likely you are to pass the actual exam.

Download: DMV Practice Test Genie (free, in-app purchase available)

2. DMV Practice Test

This app is a little different from the rest as it offers real-time tracking. Start by entering the date you will be taking the exam and it will generate different quizzes for you to try each day. Each test contains 25 practice questions with scores of 20 and eight.

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The initial tests are designed to be relatively simple, while the complexity increases as the tests progress.

For those who want extra help, the app also includes premium cheat sheets that are only available after purchase. The only caveat about this is that it relies on ads for monetization, but most people can overlook that since it’s free.

Download: DMV practice test (free, premium version available)

3. DMV written test: DMV permit

If you really want to pass your driving test and are tired of sifting through mountains of notes, this app can help. Designed to make preparation as easy as possible, all practice assessments are compiled directly from the state’s official driver’s manual, allowing you to study smart.

There are 24 different practice tests, each containing 40 questions, so you’ll be more than prepared to take on the real thing. Also, each test has a pass rate of 32, so it tries to hold you to a high standard. In addition, it has a lot of information on how to stay safe in your car.

Apart from that, this app tracks your progress, reminds you to prepare with push notifications and tells you the reasons behind each answer.

Download: DMV Written Test: DMV Permit (Free)

4. Start Driver – DMV Licensing Test

If you like to learn using flash card apps, this might be a little better for you. Driver Start includes several practice tests designed to give you a thorough understanding of what to expect on the day of your driving test. In addition to traditional quizzes, it also contains nearly 600 flash cards.

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However, if you really want to test your knowledge, the Marathon test is the perfect choice. This test compiles questions from each category, so you can practice everything in one place.

Finally, Driver Start allows you to track your progress with detailed statistics showing correct and incorrect answers for each test. These stats are categorized to give you better insight into where you excel and where you need to improve.

Download: Launch Driver – License Test DMV (free, in-app purchase available)

5. Drivers Edit: US Driving Test

This app is very impressive because it has everything you need in one place. On the home page, you’ll find a list of options, including mock tests, practice tests organized by topic, a process tracker, and driver’s manuals for each US state.

The customizable theory test gives you the freedom to choose between 10, 20, 25 or 30 questions per test. So you can choose the length of the test according to the time available.

Additionally, the Practice by Topic section boasts several different categories of tests, each with a different number of questions. And don’t forget the progress bar that shows you how far you are on your learning journey.

Download: Drivers Edit: US driving test (free, in-app purchase available)

6. Zutobi: DMV practice test

Zutobi is an interesting app with a beautifully designed interface and a comprehensive schedule. It’s this approach to learning that sets it apart from the others on this list. It contains a whopping 49 practice tests, categorized for easy navigation. It starts with simple topics like right of way and goes all the way to complex topics like road hazards.

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The stats tab at the bottom of the screen tracks your progress and keeps you motivated on your way to success. With Zutobi, you can see your unit test results at a glance, so you can identify areas for improvement and focus your efforts where they matter most.

Download: Zutobi: DMV Practice Test (Free, In-App Purchases Available)

7. DMV permit practice test

This last application is interesting because of how strict it can be at times. Like the other apps on this list, it also includes practice tests that contain several uniquely designed questions. However, it strictly limits incorrect answers. If you reach this limit, you must retake the test.

Each test consists of 30 individually designed questions, and there are more than 24 such tests in total. In addition, the KRESZ section can help you recognize road signs. This is an important thing that many other apps don’t cover, so it’s nice to see a dedicated section for it. For that reason alone, this is the app every driver needs to get started.

Download: DMV permit practice test (free)

Rock your driving test with these apps!

Driving test apps are great resources for those who are preparing for their driver’s license test. These apps boast interactive learning materials, user-friendly interfaces and simulated practice tests, offering maximum convenience and an effective alternative to traditional study methods.

If you’re taking the test soon, try some of these apps to make sure you’re as prepared as possible.

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