50 Cent wants to keep attractive women away

50 Cent wants to keep attractive women away

50 Cent certainly has no problem dating a variety of women, but there’s one type he wants to stay away from.

A video of the 47-year-old rapper laying down the law on his dating preferences has been making waves recently.

He made it perfectly clear that he’s not fussy when it comes to his tastes in the opposite sex, as he explained the type of women he likes.

“Like I want to see every version of an attractive woman. You know, tall, short, tall. Tall, skinny, big girl, petite girl, all beautiful things.”

The Grammy winner admitted that looking at women would be a pleasant pastime.

“I could do this all day. Sit back and watch, you know what I mean?

“But I don’t want them to get too close to me.

“Don’t come too close to me. Just stay where you are with your pretty bastards.”

50 Cent made his preferences clear. Credit: TikTok / @changethegametv.com

Why keep them so far apart?

50 Cent commented, “Because you’re probably crazy as a mother and you’re gonna mess up.”

The video garnered thousands of comments from men who agreed with the businessman’s dating philosophy.

One user said: “At a certain age most men start thinking like this,” while another said: “I know what you’re talking about from experience. It’s safer to admire from a distance then keep it moving.”

A fellow fan wrote: “Attractives are full of problems…I just avoid them.”

50 Cent’s message seemed to resonate with female viewers as well.

50 Cent likes to look at attractive women, but he doesn’t get close to them. Credit: TikTok / @changethegametv.com

50 Cent is certainly no stranger to dating attractive women, as evidenced by his dating history.

In addition to his relationships with actors such as Meagan Good and Vivica A. Fox, 50 Cent has also been linked to socialite Paris Hilton and comedian Chelsea Handler in the past.

His most recent relationship is with model Jamira Haines, better known as Cuba Link.

Haines, who is more than twenty years younger than him, has been his girlfriend since 2019.

The pair seem happy together, as 50 Cent recently told Mary J Blige, “Then I think I’m in love with her.

“Because even if his friends or people are there doing their thing, I’m happy because I know he’s very happy at that time. Do you understand? It doesn’t necessarily come from me, but that’s how I interpret love.”

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