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5 modern Christmas classics you can watch with your kids on Disney+

5 modern Christmas classics you can watch with your kids on Disney+

The holidays mean a lot of time with the family, and when you’re done decorating the halls, shopping for gifts and baking cookies, you’ll want to relax on the couch with a cold cup of nog and a holiday movie or two. Unsurprisingly, Disney+ has you covered: the family-friendly streaming service has plenty of titles that will keep kids entertained while they endure the agonizing wait to open presents. Keep scrolling to preview the best holiday movies streaming on Disney+ right now.

Home alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

The iconic moment may be young Macaulay Culkin’s hands on cheeks, screaming out loud, but there are many others that make this film and its Big Apple sequel iconic. The Rube Goldberg machines that torture a perfectly cast Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, their initially creepy but ultimately kind older allies, and Culkin’s precisely calibrated fourth-wall-breaking precociousness add up to movies your kids will love as much as you did when you were their age.

Santa Claus

Tim Allen’s second most iconic Disney role of the ’90s is Scott Calvin, a divorced toy salesman who spots Santa Claus on his roof and accidentally scares the big man to his death. Naturally, he dons the suit and completes the night’s deliveries, mistakenly agreeing to take on the role for the rest of his life. After memorably fighting his fate—shaving and slimming don’t work when you’re Santa Claus—Scott finally accepts his role, grows closer to his young son, and learns the meaning of Christmas. As you rewatch the original, check out the brand new series inspired by the film.

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The Muppet’s Christmas Carol

Michael Caine plays Ebeneezer Scrooge straight – as a nasty, greedy old man – despite his co-stars being literally Muppets. The end result is one of the best screen adaptations of the Dickens classic, a film that is the perfect way for younger viewers to experience the celebrated Christmas story for the first time. And as an added bonus, Disney+ is adding the extended version of the movie on December 9. It features a song that was included in the theatrical film but cut from home video releases.

The nightmare before Christmas

Henry Selick’s stop-motion animation of the Tim Burton story looks just as impressive on Disney+ now as it did in theaters in 1993. It’s the perfect slightly twisted Christmas movie for kids who are starting to think they’re too cool for Christmas, and everything . from the story to the songs to the lively vocal performances have stood the test of time.

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