5 Best Yoga Apps to Practice at Home

5 Best Yoga Apps to Practice at Home

Yoga apps for learning and practicing yoga at home are becoming increasingly popular.

These apps can encourage you to move your body for an effective workout. All you need is a mat to get started. Practicing yoga regularly can have a wide range of benefits, including stretching the body, strengthening muscles, releasing muscle tension, relieving tension, relaxing the mind, and more.

The best yoga apps to practice at home

We have compiled a list of the five best and most effective yoga apps that you should download to practice at home.

1) Under the abdomen

This app is one of the best and most incredible yoga apps that can provide many benefits.

It was started by yoga teacher and columnist Jessamyn Stanley. Stanley believes this app is a good place for those who feel overlooked and discouraged by the lack of diversity in the fitness and health community.

The Underbelly app offers a wide range of accessible and inclusive classes, including fast-paced postures, grounding poses and breath work.

2) Asana Rebel

It’s a dynamic yoga app that offers over a hundred workouts by yoga instructors and fitness experts. This hybrid app can help you filter classes based on your energy level, mood, and schedule. You can make your workouts as easy or as advanced as you want.

This app also offers one of the most amazing features where you can set your health and fitness goals. And the app provides programs and classes based on your fitness goals. The app’s content ranges from simple meditation sequences to strength training and soothing playlists.

3) Hello Moves

It is one of the most incredible yoga apps and is developed by the well-known clothing brand Alo Yoga. Provides approximately 2,500 video lessons with top yoga instructors such as Ashley Galvin and Dylan Werner.

The classes provided by Alo Move range from beginner to advanced and include around 20 categories of yoga such as Kundalini, Ashtanga, Hatha, Vijayasa and many more. It can also help polish certain poses, such as arm balances and splits.

4) YogaWorks

This is another incredible yoga app that gives you a live class feel even in your living room.

With over 30 live streams, the yoga app offers a wide range of yoga styles and levels, including therapeutic yoga, advanced vinyasa yoga classes, and signature classes.

YogaWorks also provides over 1,300 on-demand yoga sessions to keep you motivated and encouraged with a good combination of movement, breath work and alignment.

5) Yoga Wake Up

This is another decent yoga app that you can download to practice yoga at home. With this yoga app, you can also do guided and relaxing meditation in bed. Yoga Wake Up can replace your alarm clock to gently wake up your body.

The app is also quite inclusive, as it has a variety of instructors who represent different body types and ethnicities. Yoga Wake Up features new classes every week. You can easily fit them into your routine and the classes last around 20 minutes. This yoga app offers more ranges for beginners as well.

Bottom line

The aforementioned yoga apps offer various benefits and encourage you to stay fit at home. They are becoming more and more popular, especially since the COVID-19 lockdown.

These yoga apps have many features that can help you master freestyle yoga or any yoga session. These apps promise an outstanding experience in terms of affordability, accessibility, and instructor expertise. They also offer experiences ranging from pranayama to gentle yin yoga poses.

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