5 Android Apps You Shouldn’t Miss This Week

5 Android Apps You Shouldn’t Miss This Week

AAW Uncharted Waters Origin screenshot

Welcome to the 475th edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here’s last week’s big news:

  • The second Android 14 developer preview was released this week. This includes better stability, better performance, Android 14’s photo picker, better support for third-party app stores, and more. Google is on track with these updates as we also learned that Android 15 will be codenamed Vanilla Ice Cream.
  • Google I/O 2023 will be held on May 10, 2023. This is a huge event every year. Google is likely to announce a bunch of software updates and changes. Also, we usually see hardware startups. Save the date because we sure did.
  • Google One makes VPN by Google One available to all subscribers, not just those with a 2TB plan or larger. Also, as part of the plan, Google will introduce dark web monitoring and tell you when usernames and passwords are for sale on the dark web. Both are excellent security features.
  • Facebook is once again making it possible to access Messenger from within Facebook. This feature has been in beta for months and many people already have it. However, Facebook officially announced it this week. Facebook says the move is aimed at supporting discovery and sharing features. This reverses the company’s decision nine years ago to make Messenger a separate app.
  • Fraudsters use artificial intelligence voices to steal money pretending to be loved ones. Research suggests that AI voice-generating software will rake in more than $11 million on people in 2022 alone, and everyone expects that number to grow over time. You can read more at the link, but this is not a very good AI software.
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Paranormasight screenshot 2023

Paranormasight is a mystery-horror visual novel from Square Enix. The story revolves around a series of curse bearers who can kill anyone they want under certain circumstances. The protagonist’s goal is to find the other curse bearers to bring his friend back to life. The story branches consistently based on player decisions, and those decisions can kill some characters or otherwise change what happens to them. It’s a surprisingly engrossing story and could be a sleeper hit for Square Enix. It’s expensive at $14.99, but it’s also discounted from the $17.99 base price.

Weather: Globin.dev

Price: Free / $0.99 per month / $3.49 per 6 months

Weather - Globindev screenshot 2023

Globin.dev Weather is a simple weather app that gets the job done. The user interface is mostly clean and can be slightly customized by changing the icons. It contains basic information such as current temperature, hourly forecasts, daily forecasts and weekly forecasts. There are also things like atmospheric pressure, UV index and other things. The default measurement units are metric, but can also be changed to Anglo-Saxon in the settings. There is a subscription to remove the ads, but it’s not too expensive.

Doctor Who: Lost in Time

Price: It’s free to play

Doctor Who: Lost in Time is an idle game featuring characters from the popular TV show. You can collect resources to upgrade things in various iconic locations from the show. As for the story, you help save the timeline of events, which is pretty standard for mobile game TV show tie-ins. It allows you to relive stories from the past and capitalizes on that nostalgia factor. The game is pretty well put together, although the mechanics are nothing we haven’t seen before. We think Doctor Who fans who also play idle will like it.

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Price: Free / $0.49 per month / $4.99 once

TrueShot screenshot 2023

TrueShot is an application for beautifying screenshots. First, you import a screenshot, then use the sliders and settings to make it more elegant. There isn’t much to it, and most just add a background gradient for some extra flair. However, some people might like it, so it might be useful. The app is free with a single purchase of $4.99. You can opt for the $0.49 subscription, but we have no idea why anyone would do that.

Origin of uncharted waters

Price: It’s free to play

Uncharted Waters Origin is a rather unique game. It’s an open-world game where you sail the high seas, fight bad guys, trade goods, and do other things like that. The game uses the real world as a map and even uses historical data for things like weather patterns. The world is beautifully rendered, although we wish the characters were as well. Anyway, it’s a deep game with a lot to do, and aside from a few early glitches, it looks pretty good.

If we missed a big Android app or game release this week, let us know in the comments.
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