#431: Mr. Money Mustache Talks About His Dating Life

#431: Mr. Money Mustache Talks About His Dating Life

The title says it all. Paula Pant interviews Mr. Money Mustache about his dating life.

We talk about why you want to date within the FIRE community (financial independence, early retirement)—and if you’ve had any luck.

We discuss the perils of navigating the dating world after a divorce, which she did at 43.

And – AHEM – IT’S IN THE APPLICATIONS. Well, it’s on one app in particular. And it’s not technically an app, it’s a website. Whatever. RARDEKLIK ONLINE, PEOPLE. We talk about the difference between real life and online dating and what she looks for in a dating profile.

Our conversation is also about:

  • What’s the point of dating someone within the FIRE community anyway? Do you really want to talk about money all day? (Hint: no)
  • Serial monogamist?
  • What if one person is more interested in saving, while the other is more interested in investing?
  • Personality, values, communication, chemistry… how do you find your ideal match?
  • How long does it take to find out if it is compatible?
  • How quickly did you introduce your teenage son to his former (then current) girlfriends?
  • What dating advice do you share with your son?

Mr. Money Mustache is the pseudonym of Pete Adeney, one of the most prominent figures of the FIRE movement. She stars alongside Paula, Tiffany Aliche and Ross Mac in the 2022 Netflix documentary. Be smart with your money.


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