4 apps to get your college assignments done like a pro

4 apps to get your college assignments done like a pro

As a college student, juggling tons of assignments and coursework can be overwhelming at times. However, with a variety of apps and services, you can lighten your workload and manage your time efficiently. In this article, we share with you the best apps to help you achieve college assignments and improve your academic performance.

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Grammarly is a tool for you assignment writing help by revealing the errors in the text. This will help you improve your grammar, spelling, punctuation and style. Grammarly analyzes your writing and suggests corrections thanks to advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Some of the main features of Grammarly include:

  • Grammar and spelling checker. This applies to both simple and more complex questions such as subject-verb agreement and run-on sentences.
  • Style and cleanliness. It can make suggestions for word choice, tone of voice, and sentence structure according to the settings you choose.
  • Plagiarism checker. Grammarly compares your writing against a huge database of sources and makes sure you don’t accidentally use someone else’s work.
  • Integration with other platforms. Grammarly integrates with various platforms such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and more.
  • Personalized writing insights. It also provides insight into your writing habits and patterns and sends you weekly statistics.


EasyBib is an online reference generator that helps you create accurate bibliographies and references for your research papers and essays.

Here are some benefits of using EasyBib:

  • Quick and easy quote generation. This tool allows you to generate citations by entering basic information such as author, title, publisher, and publication date. It will then automatically format the citation in the selected style.
  • Multiple citation styles. EasyBib offers several citation styles, including APA, Chicago, and MLA. Thus, you can create bibliographies that meet the requirements of the task.
  • Citation management. It allows you to save and organize your citations in one place, so you can easily access them and track your sources.
  • Plagiarism detection. The paid version of EasyBib includes a plagiarism detection tool, so you can be sure that your work is original and properly referenced.
  • Grammar check. Additionally, the paid version of the app includes a grammar checker that identifies errors and improves the clarity and efficiency of your writing.
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Editor Hemingway

This excellent tool helps students improve the readability of their writing. Below are the benefits that you can get from using Hemingway Editor:

  • Readability analysis. Hemingway Editor analyzes your work and displays a readability score. This score indicates the grade level required to understand the writing. It also highlights difficult-to-read sentences and offers suggestions for making them more understandable and concise.
  • Adverb and passive voice recognition. It highlights adverbs and passive voice structures that can make the paper less attractive.
  • Sentence and word count. The Hemingway Editor displays the number of sentences and words in your work, so you can manage the length and structure of your paper.
  • Formatting and exporting. It gives you formatting options to highlight, bold, italic or hyperlink text, and export options that allow you to save your writing in different formats, such as HTML or PDF.

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Quetext is an online plagiarism checker. In fact, many professionals who are a best research paper writing services use this app (and for good reason). Quetext uses advanced algorithms to scan text and compare it to a huge database of sources, including academic journals, online publications, and other written content.

Here are some key features of Quetext:

  • DeepSearch™ technology. Quetext uses DeepSearch™ technology to scan paper and compare it to an online content database. This allows subtle forms of plagiarism to be detected and provides accurate and reliable results.
  • Multiple file formats. Quetext can scan a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word documents, PDFs, and plain text files. This makes it easy to use with a wide range of writing tools and platforms.
  • Privacy and security. Quetext takes your privacy and security seriously and uses advanced encryption technology to protect your work and data. It does not store or share your text with others.
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In summary

With the help of the apps listed above, you are sure to make progress in your college assignments. But only your effort and determination can lead to tangible improvements in writing skills and, as a result, academic success.

This article was written by Adriana Bell

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