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35% of new Disney+ originals based on existing IP – What’s happening on Disney Plus

35% of new Disney+ originals based on existing IP – What’s happening on Disney Plus

One of the many complaints about Disney+ Originals is how the majority of shows and movies have either been sequels, prequels or reboots of established franchises. Just this month alone, we’ve seen “The Santa Clause” series return with a new series, along with the upcoming “Willow” series, based on a popular 1980s film.

And according to some recent data released by a new survey from Ampere Analysis, across all the different streaming services in the US, 64% of original scripted programming in the first half of 2022 came from pre-existing intellectual properties (IPs).

While you might think that Disney+ would top the list, focusing on Marvel and Star Wars titles, Apple+ had the most original content based on an existing franchise, with 53% of its content. Netflix had the lowest share on the chart, with just 32% of its original programming based on existing IP.

Disney+ was actually only slightly behind Netflix, with only 35% of its content coming from established franchises. Compared to 2020, Disney+ had 60% of its new original content tied to original franchises.

It’s also worth noting that this data is based on US streaming services, as internationally on Disney+ there are many more original releases that are usually released on Hulu, which didn’t even make it onto this chart, as very few of the originals are based on established IP.

Ampere analyst Cyrine Amors said:

“An increasingly competitive streaming landscape has pushed Originals to the center of SVOD content strategies, and the leading players have increased their investment in commissions. As a result, investment in original content has grown from a quarter of their total content spend in 2019 to over half this year .

With such significant budgets available but also at stake, leading global streamers are increasingly turning to pre-existing IP and recognizable franchises and brands to attract and retain subscribers, mitigating the risks associated with adopting originals. Drawing on pre-existing IP takes advantage of established and successful content and is more likely to attract subscriber attention and positive reception than new branded content.”

Many complain that Disney relies too heavily on its established franchises, but in reality, people are much more likely to watch something they’re already aware of.

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