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10 Best Holiday and Winter Shorts on Disney+

10 Best Holiday and Winter Shorts on Disney+

There are always new movies to watch with the upcoming winter and holiday season. Disney has dozens of great winter and holiday movies, but their streaming service also has some entertaining shorts to keep the whole family entertained.

While it’s always fun to sit down and watch a fun seasonal story, there isn’t always time for a full-length movie. Shorts allow viewers entertainment of holiday stories without timely dedication. There are many Disney shorts that capture the winter and Christmas experience available on Disney+, and these are some of the most entertaining.


Christmas Crashers

Big City Greens – 2 minutes

The Big City Greens have a disagreement in their living room this Christmas.

In this short Chibi Christmas Crashers, Gramma and Cricket trap Santa on Christmas Eve as a prank. When Bill and Tilly discover what the two troublemakers have been up to, they force them to go around delivering presents to Santa Claus.

There are many obscure shorts on Disney+ that offer something unique to the platform. Although there is no script in this Chibi Tiny Tales, people find these fast-paced stories inviting and entertaining. This is a sweet short film that highlights making amends around Christmas, with an adorable Chibi Santa to add hilarity to the story.

The little match girl

7 minutes

A little girl trying to sell matches to a man while hanging from a street lamp.

In this captivating short adaptation of The little match girl, a little girl struggles to survive on the streets with no one willing to buy her matches. She uses the rest of her matches one night to create light and warmth. In this matchlight, she sees visions of a happy life with her grandmother.

This isn’t one of Disney’s best shorts, but it’s certainly one of the most emotional. Although this is a cartoon, it is a difficult concept for children to understand. Instead of focusing on the fun of snow, this short film explores the consequences of severe weather poverty.

Say it’s not snowing

Big City Greens – 1 minute

Grandma Chibi in Big City Greens holds a turkey drumstick while inside a snowman.

IN Say it’s not snowing in short, the Chibies can’t seem to keep snow out of their house. The snow splashes through every window and door, forcing the characters to use different methods to try to get it out of their houses.

This Disney short is a much funnier and more light-hearted take on the difficulties of snow. This very short episode captures the different ways one can try to overcome the intrusiveness of snow. While this short also focuses on problem solving, it also shows the Chibies having fun while trying to overcome this obstacle.

A mammoth Christmas

Ice Age Short – 25 minutes

The Ice Age characters gather around a Christmas tree in the snow in A Mammoth Christmas.

This short captures the characters in Ice age celebrates Christmas after the events of the third film and before the time jump in the fourth. Not only does this short figure feature the fan-favorite character from this franchise, but it tells a unique story of how Santa invents his naughty list and meets his eight reindeer.

This is a fun watch for fans of Ice age franchise, as well as the side character of Scrat who appears a few times throughout the short film. This episode is a good option for those looking for a quick story, but one that has a little more substance than others.

Snow Bunny’s business

Chip N’ Dale’s Nutty Tales – 5 minutes

Minnie and Daisy stand next to a snowman with a rabbit on top in Nutty Tales.

In this short Nutty Tales, Snow Bunny’s business, Chip and Dale help Minnie and Daisy build a snowman. However, they realize they made a mistake when they discover they built the snowman directly above a rabbit’s home in the ground.

This cute short film incorporates the fun of snow play and lets these familiar characters do something nice for someone else. Although Christmas is not a theme in this short text, this kindness is a common holiday theme. This is a great watch for kids to enjoy a snow scene while teaching them a lesson.

Oh, Christmas tree

Minnie’s Bow Toons – 5 minutes

Daisy decorates a Christmas tree in Minnie's Bow Toons.

This short film shows Daisy and Minnie getting competitive as they try to best each other while decorating the Christmas trees. After they realize how foolishly they’ve been competing, they end up having fun together as friends.

Minnie’s Bow-Toons have one of the most recognizable costumes in Disney, and even Daisy is seen adding an iconic Minnie bow to her Christmas tree. This is a fun, fast watch to get viewers excited about spending time with loved ones and decorating their trees for the holidays.

Snow landscape

Zenimation – 6 minutes

Pocahontas seen over the Zenimation logo

In the episode “Snowscapes” in Disney’s Zenimation series, there are several clips from popular Disney movies that show the stillness and peaceful quality of snowy landscapes. This short also features some Disney fan favorite characters, such as Tigger and Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh.

This short is not a story with plot line, dialogue and resolution. Instead, this short film is intended to use snowy landscapes to allow someone to enjoy the scenery of these cliffs without interfering with character and plot.

Once Upon A Snowman

Frozen Shorts – 14 minutes

Olaf is sitting on the ground missing his carrot nose with his arms in the air.

IN Frozen, Olaf is introduced as a character when he meets Anna and Kristoff. This Disney short lets audiences get to know this fan-favorite character from a different light, following him from the time he was created by Elsa to meeting the main characters.

Olaf Presents is one of the best Disney shorts on the streaming service, giving viewers more of their favorite snowman. While Frosty the Snowman may be a beloved holiday movie classic, this new talking snowman adds some charm and humor to magical snowmen.

Naughty or kind

Preparation and landing – 23 minutes

Two elves standing just outside a fireplace in Disney's: Prep & Landing

This short film features two elves, Lanny and Wayne, from the film Preparation and landing. These elves go on a mission to track down technology from the North Pole that has been taken by a hacker.

Elves aren’t a common theme in Disney holiday shorts, so these gnomes stand out. They mimic technologically advanced agents, making them more unique than other depictions of Santa’s elves. These shorts are a fun watch for those who enjoy Santa’s little helpers and the different ways they can be portrayed.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

Frozen Shorts – 28 minutes

Olaf recreates Frozen 2 in Olaf Presents

An Olaf special might not be enough to satisfy your fun snowman needs this holiday. In this holiday special, Olaf goes on an adventure with Sven to find fun Christmas traditions to give Anna, Elsa and Kristoff a fun holiday experience.

This longer film of Olaf captures the snowman’s fun nature, but also highlights how much he cares for his unique family. These longer shorts are a perfect watch for a family on Christmas Eve, highlighting the family-oriented traditions that come with this joyous holiday season.

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