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10 Best Disney+ MCU Shows, Ranked by IMDb

10 Best Disney+ MCU Shows, Ranked by IMDb

The MCU has had dozens of series, both live-action and animated, over the years. In recent years, many of the MCU shows have been released on Disney+ instead of dropping on Netflix or airing on channels like ABC. There is a lot of controversy among fans about the success of these shows.

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Some programs have not received the best reception, but other series, such as Loki and WandaVision, are arguably the most talked about MCU projects of all time. Praised for their performances, plot and action, some MCU shows have received high ratings on IMDb.

10 She-Hulk: Lawyer had a good dose of humor

5.2 IMDb Rating

Although She-Hulk: Lawyer was one of the top superhero shows of 2022, it’s not the highest-rated Disney+ show. In this series, Jennifer Walters is a successful lawyer, but she has a complicated life made more complicated by her Hulk persona.

Many fans found Lawyer being a great adaptation of She-Hulk. Viewers also liked the consistent humor, which made the story light and fun. However, some viewers felt that this was a disappointment compared to other MCU projects and believed the show lacked a cohesive story, which served Lawyer an average rating on IMDb.

9 Mrs. Marvel was a high school superhero drama

6.2 IMDb Rating

Mrs. Marvel was a success on the streaming service, receiving mostly positive reviews from critics and audiences. The story follows young Kamala, an awkward high school student who loves the Avengers. Her life gets more exciting when she gets some of the superpowers of her favorite heroes.

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Despite Mrs. Marvel’s mostly positive reception, some viewers found the story poorly executed and the acting unimpressive. However, other viewers were really impressed with this family-friendly Marvel show that embraces culture and a dose of realistic high school drama.

8 I Am Groot is a healthy, fast watch

6.7 IMDb Rating

Groot is a beloved Marvel character who has had some major accomplishments throughout the MCU. I’m Groot was a series of shorts on Disney+ that focused on a toddler-sized Groot as he gets into mischief while still a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Most fans found these shorts to be a fun project to oversee. Groot is an entertaining character and it’s fun to watch him explore his world in a touchingly innocent way. While some viewers thought it was ridiculous for a one-line character to get her own show, most found it I’m Groot sweet and loving.

7 The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are a fun team

7.2 IMDb Rating

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes had an unlikely friendship in the MCU, but they bonded over their relationship with Steve Rogers. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a miniseries that follows the two superheroes as they go on a mission to stop a group, who believe the world was better after Thanos took half of the world’s population.

Many fans loved how The Falcon and the Winter Soldier captured the Captain America mindset of facing adversity and pushing for progress. Viewers enjoyed the action as the action intensified and enjoyed the dynamic between Sam and Bucky. While other critics felt the show focused too much on Captain America’s legacy, most felt it was a solid addition to the MCU.

6 Moon Knight has a unique plot and character

7.3 IMDb Rating

Moon Knight follows Marc Spector after he learns that he was given the powers of an Egyptian moon god. Even as Spector struggles with these powers, he dives into the investigation and uncovers the secrets of the Egyptian god.

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Moon Knight is one of the few MCU Disney+ miniseries that has the potential for a new season. Although the series is not a faithful adaptation of the comic story, fans believed Moon Knight exceeded the expectations set by other Marvel projects. Other viewers found the story a little lacking, but the series received a generally positive reception.

5 What if…? Is an anthology with no strings attached

7.4 IMDb Rating

What if…? is an ongoing animated series that focuses on some key moments in the MCU and addresses other scenarios that would have changed the cinematic universe. The most entertaining aspect of this series is that fans don’t have to invest in the plot, but can just enjoy the twists and turns of the story they know so well.

What if…? has received mostly positive reviews, with viewers praising the animation and well-thought-out storylines. Although some viewers thought What if…? was pointless because the stories weren’t real, that’s the aspect that most fans found so enticing.

4 Hawkeye was targeting his fanbase

7.5 IMDb rating

Hawkeye considered the best Avenger by many dedicated fans of the franchise. Hawkeye takes place a year later Avengers: Endgameand the show follows Clint Barton as he goes on a mission with Kate Bishop to confront his former enemies and return to his family before Christmas.

Hawkeye is an ideal watch for fans of the archer. Fans and critics alike praised the chemistry between Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld and the exciting plot. Hawkeye exceeded expectations by introducing a worthy successor to the Hawkeye mantle in Kate Bishop.

3 Marvel Studios: Assembled reveals the genesis of the MCU

7.9 IMDb rating

Marvel Studios: Overall is a documentary series outlining how popular MCU series and movies were made. This series allows fans to see the creation of the new phase of the universe, bringing them behind the scenes and revealing the magic that makes Marvel so captivating.

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Some viewers are worried about knowing how the movies and shows are made, as it could take away from the realism of the MCU. For those interested in the development of their favorite watches, Marvel Studios: Overall allowing fans to see the passionate people behind these successful projects.

2 WandaVision is an MCU Sitcom

7.9 IMDb rating

WandaVision is one of the most popular MCU shows. The story follows Vision and Wanda as they enjoy living in the suburbs, but they begin to wonder if their peaceful lives are not what they seem. Viewers loved how the series mixed the superheroes of the MCU with the style of classic sitcoms.

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WandaVision is the weirdest and most unorthodox MCU show. Some fans felt the change in style after the first few episodes made the show less enticing, but it certainly did a good job of setting up Wanda’s story before Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness.

1 Loki explores a fan-favorite character

8.2 IMDb Rating

Although the god of evil was killed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tom Hiddleston reprized the role of Loki for this Disney+ series. IN Lokiis given the chance to avoid being completely erased because he is a “time variant” and embarks on a mission to stop a dangerous threat.

Loki has received high praise from critics and viewers. Fans loved meeting the other variants of Loki and seeing his alluring character arc. While some viewers thought this story took away some of Loki’s merits, this has been the most successful Disney+ MCU series to date.

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