10 apps perfect for indecisive people

10 apps perfect for indecisive people

It’s really hard to make decisions, but luckily there are great apps that are perfect for indecisive people. Technology can be a great help in difficult situations. As is usually the case with innovation, several concepts are usually discovered after a problem to be solved arises. The people who created these apps to make life easier were probably indecisive themselves. These applications therefore provide guidance, or make the choice much easier, or eliminate the possibility of choice altogether.

Not all apps work for everyone. Some of these concepts are tailored to specific situations or may not work with an individual’s lifestyle. For example, while there are great health apps out there, not all apps actually fit the intended purpose. And that’s the case here too. Of course, the difficulty is deciding which app to use first. Maybe there’s an app for that.

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10 Randomix – Decision maker

Randomix decision making application

Randomix really does what it says in the title, and downloading the app offers users tons of options. It’s a real back-to-basics thing, and we deal very little with the consequences of decisions. Instead, it’s a luck-based formula with various randomizers built into the app’s architecture.

So while the premise doesn’t take into account things like money like the best budgeting apps, it still gives users coin flippers, spinners, dice, and all the other classic tools. There are other apps like this, though at least this one puts all the different options in one place instead of requiring users to download multiple apps.

9 Tract

Image of Trakt with Jurassic World movies

Movie and TV fans probably have their own favorite app that they like to use to keep track of what they watch. Letterboxd is one of the most popular options, but Trakt is another brilliant alternative that combines many innovative features. For starters, it allows users to log everything they watch, even scheduling the release of new projects.

But just like other apps that track entertainment, such as music apps that allow you to listen offline, Trakt has recommendations. It uses the data you enter to present some releases that may be of interest to individual users. It uses an algorithm to indicate what’s popular in each category, helping the undecided to check out what’s next.

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8 Tripadvisor

Image of the Tripadvisor app

Tripadvisor is much more than a review system. Whether it’s a restaurant, hotel or activity in a specific location, Tripadvisor displays the most important information in one app. Reviews can be left to find out what a place is like, costs are calculated, menus are posted and pictures give a little more detail on what to expect.

Tripadvisor is one of those apps that everyone should take with them when traveling abroad, but just because it’s great for vacation doesn’t mean it can’t be used locally. Deciding what to eat, where to go or what to do can be simplified by copying exactly what other users of the platform recommend.

7 NewNew

An image of how the NewNew App works

NewNew is definitely a unique idea that may not be for everyone. The basic idea behind NewNew is that people can pay to make decisions in other people’s lives, which is controversial in how it communicates with downloaders. Users put their money on the decisions people want to make, and the consequences are fed back into the app.

It could be an innovative dating app to try with other people making tough decisions, or it could lead to a new business decision and allow someone else to make the tricky decision to leave work. Regardless of the question, someone will pay to provide the answer. It’s an indecisive person’s dream, since in theory you never have to tread the road alone again.

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6 Reddit

An image of a Reddit app on your mobile screen

Reddit may seem like a pretty basic app, but there are all kinds of discussions on the social media app that can lead someone who is unsure of their journey. There are threads that offer advice, recommendations, and self-improvement to help someone better understand their own indecisiveness.

There are some quality free Reddit apps on the market that interact with the famous brand, but in the end, users need to get hooked and not be afraid to open up to others about the choices they have. Not sharing your thoughts with others can cause indecisiveness. Maybe we’re talking digitally about a cause or learning from others.

5 Decision

Image of Decisionize's description

Decisionize is currently just one of many apps in the industry that allow users to break down their thought processes. The app forces users to write down their choices, the pros and cons of each direction, and what the effects and consequences might be if they implement a specific plan.

This is a great app to help you change bad habits as it treats both reckless decision making or slow indecision equally. Logical thinking can make all the difference for those who are overwhelmed with options. It’s not a perfect system, but it puts control in the hands of the user, providing a level of autonomy that gives the best results to those who download the app.

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4 Voting Everywhere

An image from Costa Coffee's Twitter poll

Software companies, social media platforms like Twitter, and multimedia apps like Poll Everywhere all do the same. They allow the user to create a poll on any question and ask the masses. Apps like Survey Monkey can go into more detail and create a well-thought-out survey that can provide specific opinions on why a decision should be made.

Random polling can be very effective in making quick decisions at a simple level. These types of apps are even great for New Year’s resolutions, and the questions asked offer some sort of accountability to those who answered. This type of process has much less autonomy, although it depends on the user what they want to vote for first.

3 GoodReads

An image of the Goodreads logo

When it comes to entertainment, the choices can be overwhelming. What to read next is a classic question that can plague anyone who has been identified as a bookworm. However, Goodreads offers a solution. The app is largely designed to track new releases and rate different books, as reviews already give a good idea of ​​what might be worth a consumer’s time.

The application is perfect for relieving stress, as reading can be a very relaxing hobby, and indecisive people find comfort in its design. Users can use the app to create wish lists and other guides for what to read next, which means choosing based on popularity within a given genre and audience is sufficient.

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2 FYI decision

Image of a table in the FYI Decision app

FYI Decision is another app that allows downloaders to think more about their choice. It uses a slider system on an innovative display that provides a unique and personalized ranking for each possible outcome. He then paints those choices on beautiful graphs and other such mathematical visualizations to really help visualize the path forward.

This is a really great app for killing time, as FYI Decision essentially allows the user to go through all of life’s challenges and physically quantify them. For indecisive people, it can be comforting to have something to keep that explains how to move forward or backward, so a thought organizer can be useful for breaking things down.

1 Roulette restaurant

Image of the restaurant's roulette wheel

Restaurant Roulette uses a basic spinner in its model for selection. However, it’s a little more detailed, as the app creates a directory of the best local restaurants, with an algorithm that ensures that the user’s tastes and the opinions of the people there are taken into account. Entering alternative options is also available in the format.

Food lovers can look to recipe apps, cooking inspiration, and other such platforms to make the kitchen even more accessible on a personal level. However, the Roulette restaurant is perfect for traveling, dining and making sure all the best choices are visited at some point. After all, how many local restaurants are there that are brilliant but haven’t even made the list!

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